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Reading And Mentoring – Two Key Factors In Business Growth

Everywhere you turn, you are given advice on how to grow your business.

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Some people offer you step by step best practice models while others give you commonsense advice you should already know, or why are you in business in the first place? Actually, there are two tips that most of these well-meaning advisors leave out that could turn your business around almost immediately with just a little bit of time and effort. The best advice you’ll ever be given perhaps comes from self-made financial guru and public speaker, Tai Lopez. Two of the things Tai believes contributed most to his personal growth and success are reading and mentoring. If you are an entrepreneur seeking to grow your own business from the ground up, these two factors can set you on the straightest path to success.

Who Has Time for Reading?

Most often, entrepreneurs are so caught up in the day to day affairs of their business endeavors that they simply run non-stop without taking a refreshing breather. Many skip lunch and fail to socialize, which are two things you should never avoid, even if you are overwhelmed at your place of business. It’s imperative to eat healthy foods regularly if you want to have the strength to run our company and you know what they say about all work and no play. That’s right, it makes Jack a dull boy. Who wants to do business with a robot?

Beyond eating and socializing, it is imperative to continue learning. You are never too old to learn new tricks and in this world where everything is going by us at the speed of light, reading is our touchstone to the 21st Century. Read the masters, read some odd quirky books and as Tai would say, “Read just for the hell of it.” You can never learn too much and in today’s business environment, it is especially important to keep up with the technology developed to assist you in streamlining many of your processes. Is there a way automation can impact your business? By reading about current trends in automation, you can learn to streamline many of your processes, thereby freeing you to do those things you’ve previously had little time for! Eat, drink and be merry. That’s a key mantra for any budding entrepreneur.

Paying It Forward Replays the Pay

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If you look around you, the most successful business men and women have dedicated much of their time to mentoring budding entrepreneurs. By leading others forward you are not only paying it forward, as the saying goes, but you are also replaying the pay because those relationships you are budding today will blossom over time, giving you a stronger foothold in your industry.

Rather than see other entrepreneurs as competition, see them as peers. Help them grow and in the process, you will be growing yourself. By becoming a mentor you are investing in others who will one day re-invest in you. It’s a simple formula for success and one which many young entrepreneurs have yet to learn – but they will! By leading others to success, we are bringing them along with us and joined forces are always stronger than single combatants. That’s a fact.

The key takeaway is twofold. Always pick up something to read and learn. You never know where that next ‘big’ idea will come from and chances are your muse is hidden in a book waiting to be uncovered. Also, there is safety and strength in numbers. By mentoring others, you are adding to your own connections and what one can do, two can do better (or bigger). If you learn to make these two things a part of your everyday life as business owner, you will be growing your own company exponentially and that’s the key to success.

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