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Are These The Top 5 Christmas Videos Of All Time?

Christmas 2015 is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than an audio-visual feast of the top 5 Christmas videos. One of them has an extra special surprise for you!

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It's unbelievable! Christmas has arrived, and not a moment too soon. It's that time of year where everything has a warm golden glow and festive cheer is here for everyone to enjoy. To celebrate the spirit of Christmas – warmth, generosity and merriment – we've compiled a listing of the top 5 Christmas videos that are sure to get you plenty excited for the upcoming holidays. Sit back, relax and enjoy a scintillating display of Christmas-themed multimedia entertainment for your viewing pleasure.

5. Is this the Ultimate Christmas Tree?

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This video will leave you gobsmacked, since it is unique in most every way, creative and ingenious. If you're looking for an inventive way to celebrate Christmas, this is certainly one of the most artistic and exciting pet projects. Just be sure that you’re building on solid foundations!

PS: Santa had nothing to do with this Christmas tree – that much will be obvious when you see how it was made!

4. Mr Bean Goes Cold Turkey on Christmas?

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His is a name that is recognized the world over – the bungling buffoon known as Mr Bean. In this exciting clip, Mr Bean opens up his Christmas gifts and shares some festive cheer with his favorite teddy. But it's his antics with the turkey that really ratchet up this video with side-splitting entertainment. Annoying to some, loved by others, but always thoroughly entertaining, Mr Bean will have you clutching at your sides, laughing out loud and gearing up for a fabulous Christmas season in 2015.

3. Christmas Surprise 5 Years Back!

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Christmas is all about surprises; that's what makes it one of the most exciting holidays of all. It's the season of giving and a time to be jovial. This video will absolutely blow your socks off with its incredible spontaneity, festivity and unity. Watch an entire food court erupt in Christmas cheer as a beautiful symphony of magic descends upon shoppers. This is truly one of the most inspiring Christmas-themed videos yet!

2. Santa Claus Offers Sound Investment Advice

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Santa Claus is coming to town – you better watch out because he's bringing gifts of a different kind within this time! Most everyone associates Santa Claus with bringing good cheer to people everywhere, and this video is especially interesting in that Santa Claus is the ultimate go-to investor. That’s right - he’s on the money!

We all knew that he was a big-hearted man and a really smart man, but did you know that he was financially savvy too? Watch as he arrives in New York City to take a bite out of the Big Apple and bring sage advice to traders and investors the world over. Inspired by the award-winning Banc De Binary, this Christmas video is by far one of the most unique, entertaining and rewarding Christmas videos of all time!

1. The Johnson Family Christmas Light Show

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One of the most exciting spectacles is Christmas lighting. Every year people all over the world adorn their Christmas trees, their apartments and even their homes with the most spectacular synchronized light shows possible. If you think you've seen it all before, think again; what you're about to witness here is breathtaking beyond belief. The Christmas lights adorning the Johnson family home are mesmerizing, and the fact that they are synchronized with fantastic audio is simply stunning. Relish the amazing multimedia feast presented in this video. With well over 1 million views and featured on ABC, you know that this is something you simply don't want to miss!

Now that you've seen the Top 5 Christmas videos, there's something to take away from every one of them. Santa Claus shows a side of him that nobody has ever seen before – now maybe we know where he gets all the money to buy all those gifts from!

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