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    4 Tips For Increasing Your Odds Of Winning Live Trivia Games

    What’s more fun than spending money? Spending free money!

    Live trivia games are one of the interesting ways to make some fun money and they are gradually becoming a regular infotainment fixture across many young demographics. The debut of HQ Trivia in August 2017 started what is arguably another level of engagement across mobile devices. On HQ Trivia, about one million players compete in a fast-paced trivia game twice every day in the hopes of winning a slice of the $5,000 prize.

    Live trivia is becoming a trending topic

    HQ Trivia happens in real time and all players from all over the world could attempt to win by answering all 12 questions correctly in a space of about 10 seconds for each question. If you miss any of the questions at any point in the game, you are automatically out of the game – you can only watch, but you won’t be able to answer any questions until the next game. Nonetheless, it takes a great deal of trivia knowledge across a wide range of industries to even stand a chance of winning at HQ Trivia.

    That’s Right, another live trivia game takes the depth of player engagement to another level that outpaces HQ Trivia. To begin with, players have a double chance of winning – the first from answering all the trivia questions correctly, and the second from a raffle at the end of the game. Interestingly, That’s Right! even allows players to vote on the category from which the next question will be asked. However, That’s Right! is not necessarily a walk in the park but the fact that missing the answer to a question doesn’t disqualify you makes it a better deal than HQ Trivia.

    Below are 4 things you can do to improve your odds of winning money in live trivia games

    # 1. Brush up on your Trivia knowledge – let’s face it, until playing and winning money from live trivia started becoming the trendy thing to do, you probably haven’t actively played trivia games in the last few years. A good way to increase your odds of winning is to brush up on your general knowledge.

    # 2. Get rid of distractions – many of the live trivia games have an in-stream comment section in which you can chat with the host, your friends, and other players. If you are not careful, the stream of comments could distract you such that you don’t respond to a question in good time. The comment stream could also leave you confused when different players are suggesting different answers to a question.

    # 3. Playing with a team is smart strategy – we suggested switching off the comment stream but playing trivia games with a squad of your family, friends, or coworkers might be a smart way to increase your odds of winning. To begin with, you might have individuals who are incredibly versed in different fields helping through some of the difficult questions. If it so happens that none of you know the correct answer to a question, you can all choose one of the different options – you’ll end up with at least one person in the game to continue the next round.

    # 4. Follow across social media – all the popular live trivia games in the market have social media accounts that can provide hints about potential questions ahead. You can also get updates about giveaways, big jackpots, and random bonuses.

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