30 Reasons "The Hunger Games" Is Actually Just Finals Week

Finals Week is full of tests, training and pain just like The Hunger Games. The only difference is, unlike The Hunger Games death is not involved…usually.

1. Finals week is approaching and there is no escape.


2. It seems like everyone else understands the course material, except for you.

3. So, you decide to take the initiative and go ask your professor for clarification.

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4. Your professor seems to admire your determination and drive.


5. After your meeting, you feel confident in your abilities,

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6. But your friends inform you of how wrong your comprehension is…

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8. You become enraged, knowing you have very little time to learn this trash.

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9. Your friends encourage you, giving you the push you need.

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10. You realize you control your own fate…

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11. and you feel like you’re on fire.

12. But then you grasp the actual odds of passing your finals…

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13. and you realize the odds are not in your favor.

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14. You are no longer able to tell the difference between a nightmare and finals week,

15. But you get comfort in knowing your friends have them too, finals that is.

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16. You become so stressed out that you don’t even know where to begin.

17. A much needed pep talk is given to you a third time…

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18. and it hits you, that you are capable of passing finals week.

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19. So, you study so hard that your professor even notices your effort.

20. Then, exam time arrives and you still don’t feel prepared.

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21. You open up your final and don’t recognize any of the material,

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22. But you remember that, “You can do this.”

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23. You give it your all and hope for the best.

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24. Afterwards, you realize it wasn’t all that bad.

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25. Two weeks later your grades are updated…

26. and you’re like…

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27. You think about all of the time you wasted studying and the poor grades that don’t reflect your efforts.

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28. Then, you take a deep breath.

29. You realize it’s summer vacation, finals week is over…

30. and that is all that matters now.

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