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    Tobias Funke Vs. Heisenberg: The Similarities You Might Have Missed [SPOILERS]

    Just add fedora, and it all makes sense.

    Its not lung cancer, but Tobias Fünke has a chronic condition.

    Never-nude. Inoperaple.

    While Heisenberg makes blue stuff...

    Tobias makes stuff blue.

    He's a businessman.


    (Author's note: When Tobias is depicted with hair, sunglasses must also be applied.)

    And you best stay out of his territory.

    When he met DeBrie at an "acting class," meth solved all his problems.

    And everything he does, he does for his family.

    Think comparing the two is blasphemy?

    Ok, fine. They have their differences.

    For example, take their relative policies on analraping. This is Mr. Fünke's:

    And this is "Walt's:"

    View this video on YouTube

    When it comes to Heisenberg, you don't David-Cross him.


    (Author's Note: You'd think a guy named Ehrmantraut would learn to appreciate a good pun, but alas.)

    And Tobias? He IS the danger.

    Via 

    At the end of the day, they're both just trying to get their rocks off.

    Until it's time for ANUSTART.


    (Author's Note: Get it?!?)