The 50 Greatest Truths From Twitter In 2013

140 characters is all you need to preach.

50. This rundown of kale preparation.

49. This movie review.

48. This reflection on the airborne psyche.

47. This sentiment.

46. This insult to your imagination.

45. This reason you don’t have more followers.

44. This perspective on yo momma.

43. This safety concern.

42. This alarming need.

41. This conversation.

40. This certainty.

39. This confession.

38. This reason for insomnia.

37. This shocking fact.

36. This helpful suggestion.

35. This style mantra.

34. This way of the future.

33. This summary of fandom.

32. This alternate title.

31. This way to save Earth.

30. This logic.

29. This ode to buffalo sauce.

28. This take on distance sports.

27. This stance on Lady Gaga.

26. This statement.

25. This reality.

24. This Philosoraptor-level question.

23. This ‘Michaelmore’ cover version.

22. This moment in history.

21. This waiter’s speech.

20. This opinion.

19. This modern view on classic rock.

18. This worst thing about snakes.

17. This character analysis.

16. This FDA commentary.

15. This new way to esteem Leo.

14. This encompassing description of the wonderful wide web.

13. This exclamation.

12. This PSA to Asian people.

11. This thought process.

10. This optimism.

9. This quote.

8. This fact about Capri natives.

7. This shit ports say.

6. This official motto.

5. This approach to self-confidence.

4. This declaration.

3. The coolness level of this prank.

2. This approach to conflict resolution.

1. And this.

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