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This Business Makes Cliches Into Real Objects

Take it with a grain of salt. Literally.

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If you still don't get it, this is the employee training video—it'll show you the ropes.


Whether the business has any employees is unclear, and also beside the point.

According to the RoShamBusiness Kickstarter:

"Objects don't make us happy. Not really, anyways. We all know that. But we still forget sometimes.

The RoShamBusiness is about taking ideas that have real meaning - paradoxes and contradictions, especially - and cramming them into things we recognize as consumer products.

Why? The meaning behind the ideas gets messed up in weird ways. Funny ways. Thought-provoking ways. Hopefully ways that make us question why we want to own things in the first place."

You can help the RoShamBusiness deal with regular capitalism by donating here.