15 Celebrity Tweets We Can All Relate To

    We are all the same.

    1. This love of our lives:

    I don't know if I could be anymore in love with my dog.

    2. This fitness struggle:

    Was gonna go to the gym, but parking lot was so crowded I would've had to park 3 blocks away. I'm not walking that far to get on a treadmill

    3. This everyday choice:

    I'm not well dressed but my sweatpants were expensive

    4. This guilty pleasure:

    Why do I love fried food so much...lauren, please stop.

    5. This amazing use of time:

    hobbies include but not limited to: screen shotting and cropping meme's from IG and storing in folder for timely use 💅🏻

    6. This lack of recognition:

    No cavities but not once did the dentist tell me I was brave

    7. This self-loathing feeling:

    When I use "fleek", I feel like, "WTF am I doing???!!!"

    8. This healthy-snacking struggle:

    9. This big data victim:

    When you reflexively hit "like" on that sponsored Instagram pic 😢😢😢

    10. This lack of peace:

    I can't tell the difference between meditation and silent inner shrieking.

    11. This diet realization:

    I suspect that low-carb diets work not because they are healthier, but because without carbs I simply lose the will to eat.

    12. This adulting win:

    I'm honestly shocked at how fast I can get ready now. 16 year old me would not be able to handle the idea of putting it together in 15 min.

    13. This avoiding-conversation move:

    Meet me under the mistletoe........... just kidding, I'll be over there by the food table.

    14. This classic let-down:

    i keep going to the fridge for groceries i bought in my dream

    15. This invasion of personal space:

    There's no quicker way to make me hate your company than forcing me to watch your advertisements over my popping videos. #sickening

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