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Treat Yo Self Everyday (Without Breaking The Bank)

Self care and indulgence doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s how to do something nice for yourself Monday through Sunday.

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Monday: It’s most likely been a long hard day so use a facemask when you get home to combat the stress breakouts that are on their way. Inexpensive ones can be found at the drugstores that are cucumber, charcoal or whatever you prefer for under $5.

Tuesday: Switch up your lunch break and try out a new lunch spot that’s in the same price range as your normal meal!

Wednesday: Get a nice margarita for a Hump Day Happy Hour. Breaking up the week with a nice drink will make it go fast and of course tequila will take your stress down a notch…or three.

Thursday: Your manicure may be looking haggard at this point of the week. Get excited for Friday by redoing your nails at home with a polish you already have and moisturizing your dry winter hands.

Friday: Get dinner with friends and go ahead and order the appetizer. You deserve this.

Saturday: Sleep in. Just keep sleeping. This is the most free and effective way to treat and take care of yourself.

Sunday: Lazy Sunday is in full swing. Take an afternoon catnap, or go on a leisurely shopping trip. See what’s on sale and pick out a new pair of shoes. Your Monday will have a skip in its step when you’re strutting around in your new black booties.

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