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  • LEGO Amp Turns It Up To 11

    LEGOs can build wondrous things, and can add countless hours of fun to any rainy day. They can also create awesome replicas of Fender Princeton Reverb amps. Dave Chatterson built the replica in under a week from an old bin of LEGOs that had been sitting around for about 15 years. It is an exact replica, both inside and out. It has a LEGO cabinet, LEGO grille, LEGO handle, fittings, speaker, knobs, switches, jacks, tube chart, reverb tank, power cord and footswitch — everything you could ever ask for in a LEGO amp. None of it is held together with glue or any adhesive, so you probably can’t turn it up to 11. Via Gizmodo. View Image ›

  • 1970s SFW Porn: ‘I Really Like Your Shag Rug, And Your C**k.’

    Because we’re more interested in the shag rug that’s on the floor than the shagging that’s going on on the floor (yeah right), blogger Martin Klasch has taken ’70s porn images and cleaned them up a bit. That’s right, he’s made them pretty much SFW with the idea of showcasing decor and fashion highlights from ’70s Danish print pornography. Boooooring. Way to take away the good stuff. OK, the photos are still pretty entertaining. Via Boing Boing.

  • The Condiment Packet Gallery: For the Finer Things in Life

    Ah, at last, a gallery to display the finer things in life, like Taco Bell Fire sauce, and Arby’s Arbys Sauce. We know you have a plethora of sauce packets collecting dust in one of your kitchen drawers; we do too. Here are 724 (and counting) packets you might be keeping for that special occasion.

  • Jimmy Fallon Finally Graduates, Becomes Doctor

    Let’s all take a lesson from Jimmy Fallon. If it takes you 17 years to graduate, but you’re famous, you can get a doctorate degree free of charge, and without doing anything! “It only took me 17 years to get this,” said Fallon, 34, who received bachelor of art and honorary doctorate degrees, nearly two decades after he first arrived at Saint Rose in 1992 as a computer science major from Saugerties. “Thank goodness that I was not trying to be a real doctor. It would have taken me 65 years.” Fallon spoke at the ceremony, and thank god he admitted to creating that god awful “Taxi” movie.

  • Copy Sluts (NSFW)

    Is it fashion? Is it art? Whatever it is, it has boobies, and that’s all that matters. Vice Magazine included the copies taken during photographer Maggie Lee’s photo shoot, along with the final images. So this is what smooshed hipster T&A looks like.

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