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    Just 30 Ways To Seriously Upgrade Your Home Desk ~Aesthetic~

    AKA, how to not hate sitting at your desk for 8+ hours a day.

    1. If your current desk makes you sad to look at, treat yourself to a simply stunning faux-marble desk that's the definition of chic, with metal hairpin legs and spacious cubbies for storing your phone and other items while working! Faux marble isn't just cheaper; it's also way more practical for a home office as it's easier to clean and won't stain easily like real, porous marble.

    2. Or transform the surface of your old office desk with a waterproof, stain-resistant faux marble granite adhesive if you're not looking to shell out for an entirely new piece of furniture. It peels off easily without leaving any damage!

    3. Lay down a colorful desk mat that's like a mouse pad, but wide enough for your keyboard or laptop to fit, too. It really helps tie your entire space together visually while also protecting the surface underneath from scratches, stains, and spills. Opt for a plain color *or* eye-catching pattern depending on how extra you want to be (and how busy the rest of your desk is).

    a pokemon-themed desk mat underneath a pink keyboard

    4. Swap in a vibrant wireless keyboard and mouse set that'll make you a little happier every time you sit down to work. It adds an eye-catching pop of color to your workspace, minus any bothersome cords to clutter up your desk.

    5. Or throw some color onto your existing keyboard with an ombre cover that'll also protect it against those early-morning coffee spills and dust buildup.

    blue key keyboard cover

    6. Add a cute ergonomic mouse pad with built-in wrist support, bringing both comfort and flair to your desk setup. It comes in over 20 different styles!

    7. Elevate your monitor to add some visual height and depth while *also* freeing up space underneath for storing your laptop and other things! As a plus, it also helps you set your monitor at the ideal ergonomic height. But TBH, it just looks super nice.

    work desk with a wooden dual monitor stand with two monitors resting on it

    8. Invest in an electric standing desk if you're ready to go all-in on the sit-to-stand office life, but don't want one of those bulky converters that sits on top. A standing desk can be just as aesthetically pleasing as a regular, nonelectric desk, and it comes with the (huge) added benefit of being able to take standing breaks throughout the day.

    9. Place framed art and photos along a thin floating shelf for a quick and easy gallery wall behind your desk — aka the perfect backdrop for Zoom calls — or above the desk if it faces a wall. You can do multiple small shelves or just one long one depending on the size of your art!

    10. Or arrange multiple wider shelves for placing storage baskets (helpful if you don't have large desk drawers), plants, and other small decor.

    blogger's work desk with three long shelves holding decor above the desk

    11. Move the mountain of books underneath or on top of your desk to floating bookshelves, making them work double-time as wall decor. Position them behind your desk for an instant conversation starter during video calls — nothing breaks the ice like chatting about a mutually beloved novel.

    12. Hide your power strip and mess of cords under your desk inside a sleek (but ventilated!) box — this keeps everything neat and tidy *plus* keeps kids and pets from meddling with the cords.

    before pic of a messy cable strip then after of the box containing the same power strip but looking much neater

    13. Or set up a faux book display with a sneaky hollow interior to conceal messy cords, outlets, routers, or valuables, instantly making your desk area look cleaner and more organized.

    14. Organize your pens, sticky notes, papers, and other desk items in clear plastic bins, separating by category.

    15. Arrange adjustable desk shelves for storing your books, pens, photos, and other office items or decor without taking up valuable work space.

    16. Add plants and flowers on and around your desk to brighten up the whole area and inject a sense of calm. They can also improve your indoor air quality by breaking down toxins, so you might even find yourself feeling better just by keeping some plants nearby.

    a chart detailing the five best plants that improve indoor air quality: peace lily, spider plant, gerbera daisy, golden pothos, and areca palm

    17. Or opt for fake hanging plants to reap all the aesthetic benefits without the upkeep required of real plants. Sure, they won't be fooling anyone up close, but they still help improve the vibes of the room and add some beauty without taking up any of that precious desk space.

    18. Install LED strips to add backlighting to your monitor and/or under the desk to really take your evening ambience to the next level. It does more than just look cool, however — adding backlighting can help reduce eye strain by reducing the contract between your screen's brightness and the rest of the room!

    19. And hang neon wall art above your desk, whether it's a motivational phrase or pop culture reference. The vibes at night — or if it's a darker room in general — will simply be *chef's kiss*.

    Animal Crossing leaf neon sign above a desk

    20. Instead of using your phone or laptop speakers, invest in a cute Bluetooth speaker if playing music and podcasts is what gets you through the work day! This one has a screen that can display a clock, pixel art, and all sorts of animations.

    the retro-style Bluetooth speaker on a reviewer's work desk

    21. Stay organized with a chalkboard monthly calendar that you can fill with all your plans, then wipe clean and redo the following month.

    blogger's DIY chalkboard calendar next to their desk

    22. Print some cute motivational art to frame and place on your desk or hang nearby — yes, print! For those of us who get a *bit* impatient waiting on purchases to ship, printable art is a an easy way to instantly make your desk area feel more personalized. Plus — and here's the main appeal — it's super cheap.

    an art print with the words "note to self" and various affirmations on sticky notes for the design

    23. Elevate that old, coffee-stained office chair with a faux-sheepskin rug that adds a soft, elegant touch to your space.

    24. Prop up papers, a notebook, or even a small tablet with a gorgeous standalone clipboard next to your computer for easy reference. It's also portable, so you can move it between rooms or travel with it if needed.

    The rectangle-shaped clipboard with gold tone clip at top

    25. Hang your headphones on a stand so they have a dedicated place instead of just being tossed wherever when 5 o'clock rolls around.

    26. Instead of just a plain desk lamp, incorporate unique lighting to really make your desk stand out — and make every visitor who sees it ask, "OMG, where did you get that?"

    27. Conceal the box of Kleenex on your desk with a minimalist tissue box cover to keep things looking neat and clean. @Everyone who struggles with allergies on the daily: This one's for us, y'all.

    house-shaped white square tissue box cover next to plants

    28. Cover the windows by your desk with prismatic window film and let the sun cast gorgeous rainbows across your workspace and around the room. Using natural light as part of the room's aesthetic? Yes PLEASE. Plus, it adds a 'lil extra privacy as well.

    29. Apply removable wallpaper with bright colors or bold patterns for contrast if your desk is pretty plain on its own. It'll bring the whole area to life, and it's commitment-free — you're not locked in if you decide to switch up your aesthetic again down the road!

    The wallpaper in a home office

    30. Finally, make aromatherapy a part of your ~aesthetic~ with a metal essential oil diffuser that's way cuter than the typical plastic options out there, and worthy of living on your desk full-time. It's stunning enough on its own, but something about the vapor it releases makes the entire space feel calmer and less stressful.

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