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    Just 23 Very Nice Things For Your Cat Because They Deserve It

    This one's for the folks who spend more on their cats than they do themselves. 💸

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A window hammock so they can catch the sun's warm rays *and* have the best view for their daily window watching. It's extra sturdy with suction cups capable of holding up to 50 pounds (!), more than enough to hold multiple cats, a bed, and toys.

    2. An organic cat grass growing kit for fur babies who love to taste-test your indoor plants (some of which can be toxic!) or who struggle with hairballs. Give them a taste of the outdoors with this cat-safe, fiber-rich grass, which includes a healthy mix of wheat grass, oat, barley, and rye and helps digestion.

    Cat chewing on cat grass in a white mug

    3. A wall-mounted scratching post designed for cats who like scratching on vertical surfaces (like your couch!). The nice thing about this wall-mounted post is that 1. it takes up way less space than a standard scratching post and 2. it's not an eyesore.

    4. Or a cactus scratching post because it's cute enough to pass as home decor, which is always a plus. The sisal post lets them get out all their scratching urges, while the moppy fabric on the top and base will feel great for their kitty to nuzzle against. And did we mention it's CUTE??

    5. A robotic cat toy so you can actually get through a Zoom meeting without your cat crying and begging for you to play with them. Thankfully, this rechargeable smart toy will keep them plenty entertained, with erratic movements and various accessories you can swap out to see which one your cat likes best.

    6. A heated cat bed that automatically heats up to your kitty's natural body temperature when they crawl inside, keeping them warm and toasty without getting *too* hot. Reviewers rave about this bed, especially for older cats or those with arthritis, who seem to find it soothing.

    cat in a heated cat bed with hood

    7. Or a heated, weatherproof kitty shelter for cats who go in and out of the house — or the neighborhood stray who keeps coming around because you feed them. It'll offer them shelter from the elements, with a heated, waterproof mat to curl up on and two exits so they can come and go as they please.

    8. Plus, a boyfriend sweater to keep them extra cozy (and stylish) during the chillier months without restricting their range of motion.

    Hairless cat in preppy knit, legless sweater.

    9. Soft catnip-infused felt balls sure to capture your favorite feline's attention and encourage play even when you don't have time to toss the ball back and forth.

    10. And a "jingle and roll" cat kicker toy filled with an organic, intoxicating blend of catnip, silver vine, and valerian root. It's durable enough to withstand their frantic bunny-kicking, gnawing, and scratching — which is good, because they won't be leaving it alone anytime soon.

    a cat kicking the gray sisal-covered tube

    11. A cozy rattan cat bed that's also a stylish piece of furniture because your cat deserves the very best, obviously. For picky felines who turn their nose up at a regular cat bed but constantly sleep in your chairs, this raised dome may be a more appealing option. And if you have multiple cats, you might find more than one cuddling inside!

    reviewer's cat curled up inside the raised, curved rattan bed

    12. Or a ~luxury~ bamboo cat bed to spoil your feline with a cozy pod to nap in. It's made of real, eco-friendly bamboo and comes with a plush, machine-washable cushion for them to lay on, though you can always swap in your own.

    Cat inside ball-shaped bamboo bed with cushion

    13. A natural wood roller toy if colorful, plastic cat toys aren't really your style. This heavyweight, solid wood track-and-ball toy is sturdy enough for your cat to go to town on without the balls popping out or the base moving around.

    Two cats playing with three-tiered circular toy with wooden balls rolling on each level

    14. An automatic water fountain because while filling a plain bowl with water might be easiest for you, cats aren't big fans of drinking from still water, which can lead to them drinking *less* water than they should to stay healthy. This quiet, bubbly fountain keeps a steady stream so they're actually encouraged to drink water throughout the day, with an LED water level indicator reminding you when it's time to refill.

    15. And a modern, minimalist set of ceramic food bowls and a matching stand if your cat, without FAIL, spills food everywhere at dinner time or straight-up knocks over their bowl. This stand has an anti-slip grip and holds the bowls tight so there's no moving around, and the elevation actually makes it easier on your cat to eat, as they don't have to kneel down as far.

    16. A hanging macrame cat bed so your kitty can lounge in true boho style. It might look fragile, but the weight capacity is 40 pounds!

    17. And an equally Instaworthy fruit tart pet bed they can curl up in while snuggling a strawberry and catching some Z's. Covered in faux fur with a foam core, this plush bed is an adorable option for kittens and smaller cats.

    18. A cat door you can install in a sliding glass door or window for the cat who's constantly begging to go outside...and then begging to come back in 10 minutes later.

    The pet door is installed on a window

    19. A splurge-worthy spherical Tuft + Paw hideout to take their cat naps to the next level. It has an elegant design that'll look nice in any room, while the faux fur blanket inside makes it a dreamy escape for their beloved feline.

    20. An *incredible* moonlight-themed cat climbing tower that's probably irresistible if Sailor Moon was a big part of your life growing up (or still is). The design is obviously darling, but it has a lots of features to keep your cats entertained for hours, including sisal wood scratching posts, hanging toys, a hammock, and various places to lounge.

    A purple, pink, white, and yellow cat tree with a starry moonlight theme and multiple cats playing in it

    21. An industrial-style cat climbing tower with plenty of room for them to lounge and play, but without sticking out like a sore thumb. Its five tiers are lined in felt and sisal for a variety of textures, including a little cubby hole where they can hide and nap away the day.

    22. A discreet plant-like litter box to grant them some gosh dang privacy while they do their business. It's more spacious than the average litter box, and it'll blend in with your decor so well, guests might not even notice the difference.

    23. Finally, an outdoor catio, because your fur babes crave fresh air just as much as you do. It's quite an investment, but if you've got multiple kitties running around and available outdoor space, this playpen will let them take in the sights, smells, and sounds of nature and give them so many places to lounge and jump around.

    a reviewer's photo of their outdoor catio, with various plants arranged around it and multiple cats hanging out on the perches

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