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    50 Products For Anyone Whose Pet Runs Their House

    If your fur babies take top priority in your household, you'll understand why they *need* everything on this list.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Musher's Secret paw wax, an ointment to soothe and soften your pup's dry, cracked paws. It contains an all-natural blend of waxes and oils with vitamin E to create a protective barrier against sand, ice, hot pavement, and other outdoor conditions.

    reviewer photo showing their pup's paws very damaged and then completely healed after using the paw wax

    2. A holistic healing gel for dogs with various skin-related issues, from hair loss and dryness to rashes, bug bites, itchy wounds, and more.

    3. A soft hammock so your rat, ferret, guinea pig, or other small fur baby can curl up inside and stay cozy when you're not at home.

    4. An elevated pet bed to keep your pup cool and comfy during their outdoor naps. The mesh center keeps air circulating for breathability and keeps your dog off the ground when it's cold and wet.

    reviewer photo showing their dog laying on the elevated pet bed

    5. A snout soother because ~winter is coming~ and you'll want to moisturize that snout when it gets chapped and crusty. This vegan, organic balm stick will heal your pupper's nose and leave it as buttery soft (and perfectly boop-able) as it was before.

    6. A small animal tent with transparent sides so you can let your little pal(s) out of their cage to play and run around. It's super lightweight, so you can even carry it outside to let them get some fresh air.

    7. A ChomChom pet hair remover that looks deceptively simple but is *highly* effective at removing pet hair from furniture. It's completely reusable and stores the pet hair in the back until you're ready to dump it!

    8. A medicated dog shampoo free of parabens, dyes, and soap for a gentle treatment that'll help relieve scaliness, inflammation, rashes, and other skin issues your poor pup might be dealing with.

    9. A dog car seat so your pup stays safe during car rides too. The seatbelt is adjustable for a comfortable fit, while the elevated seat can help with car sickness (and gives them a better view out the window).

    reviewer photo showing their puppy sitting in the car basket

    10. Or a backseat car extender for bigger pups who need more leg room and space to sprawl out. It also ensure they won't go flying off the seat if you slam the brakes.

    A dog laying out in the backseat with the extender attached, allowing it to sit comfortably in a natural position

    11. An insulated coat so your dog stays warm and cozy on those chilly winter walks. The hood can be buttoned back when you don't need it, and the coat is water-resistant in case you encounter rain while you're out and about.

    a dog wearing the insulated coat while laying on the grass outdoors

    12. Plus a pair of waterproof booties to protect their precious paws from rough terrain, hot pavement, and sharp objects; plus, it means less cleanup when it's time to go back inside.

    A reviewer's dog sitting on the ground outside wearing four black dog boots

    13. Or a dog paw cleaning device designed to keep your home free of mud and dirt after your daily dog walks. The gentle bristles clean your pup's paws quickly and effectively, keeping the leftover mess inside the container for pouring out (instead of it being tracked onto your carpet and furniture).

    14. A Furbo camera so you can check in on your dog when you're at work, on a trip, or anywhere outside the home. You can get push notifications when your dog is barking and talk to them through the app to calm them — you can even toss them a treat!

    reviewer photo showing their two dogs staring into the Furbo camera at night

    15. A top-entry litter box if litter is taking over your home, no matter how many times a day you sweep. The grooved lid on the side catches the litter on the cat's paws before they have a chance to track it elsewhere.

    reviewer photo showing their cat on top of the litter box

    16. Or a self-cleaning litter box because cleaning up after your cat is a task nobody enjoys. No scooping, no smells — this box uses crystal litter that absorbs waste and odor, and one tray lasts for weeks.

    reviewer photo showing their cat sitting on top of the purple litter box

    17. A hidden litter box enclosure that disguises your kitty's bathroom as stylish, contemporary furniture. A hole in the side lets your cat go in and out with ease, and the two cabinet doors give you easy access for cleaning.

    18. A wall suction treat dispenser to distract your pup with a tasty treat during bath time (and other less-than-pleasant activities like grooming and nail trimming).

    19. An interactive play wall that'll provide your guinea pig, rabbit, or other small animal with hours of entertainment. The woven texture of the wall and block toys encourage *lots* of chewing that'll bring them joy.

    The play wall with blocks and other various woven toys hanging off of it for chewing on

    20. A chic dog bowl set, because your beloved pup deserves only the best setup. The best part is you can customize the height so that your dog is at a natural, comfy position while they eat, and the big bowls also prevent water from splashing around.

    Elevated dog bowl set from Large Dog Feeders on Etsy with two large ceramic bowls

    21. A pet carrier with a top-loading door (a must for pets who can't stand being put into a carrier) and mesh walls for breathability and visibility. A soft pad is included so your fur baby is comfy during travel.

    Top-down photo of reviewer's cat sitting inside the carrier

    22. A dog water bottle for taking on the go so your pup always has water on hand to avoid dehydration.

    reviewer photo showing their dog smiling at the water bottle

    23. An Aspen self-warming bed if your pet is always looking for the warmest places to nap. This bed uses their own body heat and reflects it so they have a toasty place to nap at all times — including when you're not home to cuddle them.

    reviewer photo showing their cat stretching out in the warming bed

    24. A macrame leash because you're already taking your pup for walks multiple times a day — why not have a cute leash while you're at it? This 4-foot macrame leash is sure to earn you (and your pup) plenty of compliments.

    25. A pet life jacket so your dog can enjoy splashing around in a pool or lake without you having to worry. A handle at the top lets you lift them right out of the water if they're in need of emergency pickup.

    reviewer photo showing their dogs wearing the life jacket

    26. Folding pet steps to help your pet up onto the couch, bed, or anywhere else that's higher up without straining their joints, particularly if they're in their senior years.

    reviewer photo showing their puppy climbing up the pet steps

    27. A pet sofa they can roll around and nap on to their heart's content. The best part is that it's designed for pets, with stain- and water-resistant upholstery and a cushion cover you can just toss into the wash for a quick clean.

    A medium-sized dog sitting on the Brittany Pet Sofa in Blue Linen

    28. A dog carrier backpack for pups who are always on the go with you. It's padded and ventilated to keep them comfy and cool, and they get to enjoy the view (and stare at every stranger walking behind you).

    reviewer photo showing their dog's face sticking out of the carrier backpack

    29. A colorful bird toy designed to keep bird friends entertained and stress-free while hanging out in their cage. The colorful wood blocks and beads offer mental and physical stimulation, and all of it is made of bird-safe materials for everyday chewing.

    A bird and the bird toy

    30. A BarkBox monthly subscription to surprise your very good boy (or girl) with a box of new toys and treats to enjoy on a regular basis. Because they deserve it!

    reviewer photo showing their dog smelling the Bark Box

    31. A soothing anxiety jacket for dogs prone to getting a little stressed out. It applies gentle, constant pressure to calm your dog, whether it's general anxiety or triggered by things like fireworks and thunder. (BRB, looking for my own human-sized anxiety jacket...)

    A reviewer's senior dog wearing the anxiety jacket

    32. A battery-powered nail grinder that's wayyy easier to use than traditional clippers (and less stressful for both you and your dog). It trims your pup's nails quickly and painlessly, and you'll no longer have to hear the sound of click-clacking as they walk around.

    reviewer photo showing the nail grinder with their pups looking on in the background

    33. A chew toy set, but make it ~aesthetic~. These pastel toys are so nice to look at, you won't even mind having them on your floor. And they're ultra-durable, so your pup won't rip them to shreds right away.

    34. A touchless vacuum to make your dustpan obsolete by sucking up every last piece of pet hair, dirt, and dust without a single lingering piece left on your floor.

    35. A grooming glove so you can love on your pet and give them what feels like a relaxing massage — while also removing a bunch of excess hair they would have shed all over your home.

    36. Or a pet grooming tool with super thin stainless steel teeth to groom and detangle fur, especially on longer-haired pets. The result: clean, healthy-looking hair that looks like they just hit the salon for a blowout.

    A reviewer's dog and a big pile of fluff that the reviewer's said came from his hind quarters alone

    37. An underwater gallery to take your aquarium to the next level. Your fish will love darting in and out of these caves, and they add a nice bit of decoration to your tank as well.

    a reviewer photo of the underwater gallery inside aquarium

    38. A suction cup cat hammock so your cat has the *best* view while they nap in the sun (and another place to sleep besides your furniture).

    39. A three-tier cat tree condo to give your cat a little space inside your home that's entirely theirs to climb, scratch, play, and nap on.

    three-tier cat tree with scratching posts with two cats playing on it

    40. An LED collar for those inevitable nighttime walks when you want to make sure your dog (especially if they have dark fur) stays safe and visible to traffic. It also helps you more easily locate them in the dark if they're not on a leash.

    reviewer photo of their black lab wearing the green LED collar

    41. A handheld dog shower attachment designed to penetrate thick fur and clean their undercoat with a contoured spray that offers maximum coverage. Your dirty pup will be left looking and smelling fresh as daisies.

    A brown lab being thoroughly cleaned using the shower attachment