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    29 Parenting Hacks That’ll Make You Think "Why Haven’t I Tried That Already"

    Here are some genius things parents are doing to make life a little easier.

    1. Reuse those old, broken crayons by melting them down — into the shape of your little one's name! It couldn't be easier (all you need is a silicone alphabet mold), and once they're cooled, the "letters" will be ready for more doodling. Plus, the bigger shape will be easier for their hands to grip!

    Blogger's photo of the melted crayons turned into alphabets

    2. Of course, it'd be *nice* if their crayons didn't break from their vigorous doodling in the first place. Opt for a set of sturdy all-natural, pure beeswax crayons that'll be nearly impossible for them to snap in half, and the chubby shape also makes them more ergonomic.

    Top down view of colorful crayons

    3. When the activity of the day is at-home mani-pedis, keep sugar close by in case of an accidental nail polish spill from your enthusiastic kiddo. Just sprinkle the sugar on top of the mess, and you'll be able to sweep it right up!

    Blogger's photo of sugar sprinkled on nail polish spilled on the floor

    4. Does the word "s'mores" make your child light up like no other, but you're hesitant about bringing them anywhere *near* an open flame? Invest in an indoor electric s'mores maker that'll make it safe and easy to assemble their favorite snack anytime. And maybe you'll even break it out when they're not around. 👀

    5. If detangling spray is absolutely *essential* to your mornings, save money by whipping up your own in a refillable spray bottle! Simple household ingredients like apple cider vinegar and olive oil are all you need to tame the mane so your comb passes through with ease.

    Blogger's before and after photo showing their child's curly hair before using the spray and after photo showing shiny curls after using the spray

    6. And for curly-haired kiddos, meet what might become your new holy grail product: SoCozy's leave-in spray conditioner that detangles *and* restores their curls, leaving them soft, defined, and bouncy.

    Reviewer's before photo showing their child's curly hair before using the spray

    7. This one's truly genius: Give new life to old socks by transforming them into knee pads that'll protect your crawling baby's precious legs from making contact with hard floors.

    8. And prevent potential injuries from sharp corners on coffee tables and other furniture by using inconspicuous corner guards. These transparent bumpers will be hardly noticeable, but you'll be grateful they were there when your toddler accidentally knocks against the table while waddling at full speed.

    9. Entice picky eaters into scarfing down their breakfast by adding just a few drops of food coloring into their morning waffles. I mean, what's more exciting than eating a rainbow?

    10. And fly through pancake breakfasts at light speed using a simply revolutionary Whiskware pancake batter dispenser. You just add the ingredients directly to it and shake — there's a built-in whisk!! — then dispense the batter *directly* onto your skillet with no splatters or dribbles. A dozen pancakes coming right up!

    11. Make family game night a little easier on them by using one blogger's brilliant tutorial for making a card holder, which will hold all of their Uno cards in place instead of their little fingers dropping them during an intense game.

    Blogger's photo of their child using the card wheel to hold a few Uno cards

    12. Help form ~healthy dental habits~ by sticking a vinyl toothbrushing chart on their mirror, which they can use to check off their morning and night brushing instead of you having to remind them...every single time.

    13. And give their toothbrushing situation an even bigger upgrade by installing a TikTok-viral toothbrush holder and dispenser. It'll squeeze toothpaste onto their brush for them (!!) and store the brushes hygienically (with the tops covered) in between use. Goodbye, toothpaste smears on the counter.

    14. Make an art project out of your old clipboards using glitter and spray paint to ~add a little spice~ — then, hang your kids' artwork like it's in a museum!

    Blogger's photo of their kids' artwork displayed on clipboards on the wall

    15. Or! Use photo-hanging strings and clips for displaying their doodles, drawings, and other works of art.

    16. On busy days when you haven't even had a *chance* to think about dinner, just grab a jar of pasta sauce and liven it up with ingredients you might even have in your fridge already, like veggies and pesto. We're guessing no one will be able to tell it's *not* made from scratch.

    Blogger's photo of a bowl of pasta

    17. And here's another game-changing secret for lunch prep: Make your own Smuckers Uncrustables at-home (and save yourself from spending $10 per box) using a sandwich cutter and sealer. You can even prep a bunch ahead of time and freeze them!

    18. Create more hanging space for their magnetic toys using steel pizza pans from the dollar store if the outside of the fridge is full (or you'd rather not cover every inch of it in kids' magnets — understandable).

    Blogger's photo of the pizza pans doubling as magnetic toy storage on their wall

    19. And speaking of magnets: Hang a magnetic calendar in their room as a fun way of helping them learn about days of the week, months, seasons, weather, and more. They might get so excited to update it that they start doing it without you!

    20. Make more room for baby clothes in your drawers by rolling each piece of clothing — it'll keep the whole drawer tidy, save space, *and* you'll be able to see all of the outfit options at a glance.

    Blogger's before photo of baby clothes in the drawers and after photos of the clothes neatly rolled up

    21. Give all of their rubber animals and other toys a dedicated home by installing a bath organizer that'll keep them out of the way *and* able to dry completely in between baths. Reviewers say it actually suctions securely to the wall with enough strength to hold up your kiddo's mountain of toys.

    22. Eliminate those nasty vomit smells (that have withstood all of your cleaning efforts thus far) with a powerful homemade solution that'll get the job done. Now there will be zero traces left of that nasty stomach bug from months back...yuck.

    Blogger's photo of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and liquid dish soap

    23. And *finally* get the stains (from food, grass, diaper leaks, and who knows what) out of their clothes using a cult-favorite spot remover you'll probably want to buy in bulk once you witness its effectiveness. Just spray the stain, let it sit, then run the clothes through the washer — voilà, pristine once more!

    24. When your poor kiddo is running a fever, apply a soothing stick-on gel pad to their forehand for cooling relief that can help bring down the fever. Reviewers say they actually stay on well and taking them off is a breeze, with no residue left on the skin.

    25. And make a simple label for the side of their medicine bottle for keeping track of doses, especially when cold and flu season rolls around. That's just one more thing you don't have to worry about forgetting during your busiest days!

    Blogger's photo of a medicine dose chart on a bottle

    26. Create your own "trash can" for the car by lining a plastic cereal dispenser with a plastic bag — finally, a place for their drive-thru trash, empty snack bags, and more (that's not the floor of your vehicle).

    27. Or simply hang a waterproof trash can over the headrest that they can toss their trash right into. You'll probably get plenty of use out of it yourself! (Those crumpled receipts, used napkins, and empty water bottles pile up fast.)

    lunch box-sized black car trash can with liner bags

    28. Instead of continuing to buy those sugary pouch drinks at the store, invest in reusable food pouches you can fill with homemade smoothies, juices, applesauce, yogurt, and more. They're great for kids of all ages (and even adults)!

    29. And for store-bought baby food, here's a clever way to store it: Hang an over-the-door shoe organizer with transparent pouches so you can see what's inside! This is great for organizing all sorts of food (as well as toys), and it frees up space in your pantry and drawers.

    reviewer's photo of their baby food pouches and jars in the shoe organizer

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