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    36 Helpful Things Reviewers Said They Bought *Specifically* For Fall

    While you're putting out all your fall decor and candles, don't forget to stock up on a few of these useful items too.

    1. Anti-skid memory foam slippers to replace your summer slides for the wetter, chillier season ahead. They'll keep you from falling when you step out to the mailbox or walk across your slick floors, and the plush interior will keep your toes from turning into icicles when temps start to dip.

    These have over 45,000 5-star reviews on Amazon!

    Promising reviews: "I have had these on my wishlist for months. With fall on the way, I ordered them. I love they way they feel. Hoping they hold up after wearing. Thinking of ordering another pair to have under my desk at work." —Jaimi Jones

    "I love my slippers! They are very comfortable! I like that I can wear them outside when I need to go to the mailbox. They are so warm and squishy!" —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $22.90+ (available in sizes 5–12 and 11 colors).

    2. And a pack of thick, cozy wool socks you can wear with ankle boots for a pop of color or around the house (if you're not a slipper person). They have the *prettiest* patterns, but more importantly, they'll keep your toes warm (shoutout to my fellow peeps with poor circulation).

    the wool crew socks in four colorful patterns
    reviewer wearing one of the colorful sock pairs from

    Promising reviews: “Y'all, I'm just a humble Floridian who decided to backpack Canada in the middle of fall (with temperatures between 25–50 degrees Fahrenheit) and what can I say? These SAVED. MY. FEET. OMG. Warm as if I had them in the toasty sand back home. And they were incredibly soft and comfy! Only note: Don't dry them too long in the dryer because they shrink a TEENY TINY amount, but that will happen with this material; I was just the idiot that forgot about that and chucked them in. 1000/1000 WOULD RECOMMEND!!" —Gaby

    "I purchased these socks on a whim after seeing the fun and colorful prints. I was not disappointed and have been wearing them all fall and winter. They pair perfectly with ankle Chelsea boots for a fun pop of personality." —bcshull

    Get a set of four pairs from Amazon for $11.69 (available in sets of four or three and 16 styles).

    3. Burt's Bees lip balm to keep your lips hydrated when it's cold outside. Stash one in your desk, purse, or bathroom cabinet to provide sweet, sweet relief whenever chapped skin strikes.

    hand pulls Burt's Bees lip balm tube out of jean pocket

    Promising reviews: "Perfect for the fall! This is my go-to lip balm and love that it was made from natural ingredients. It's smooth, silky, and has a fresh peppermint smell that is not overpowering. I recommend this to everyone!" —Zac

    "When fall hits all the way to spring, I get really bad lips. I hate putting anything on my skin/lips just because I am not used to doing it from growing up (I came from a tropical country). But when I start getting dry lips, Burt's Bees takes care of it. And yes, I bought six of them as stocking stuffers for Christmas and some for myself." —Twinkies

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $9.49

    4. A window insulator kit because with how expensive everything is these days, you're probably already thinking (or trying not to think) about energy bills this fall and winter. This plastic film goes on your window crystal clear and shrinks to seal out drafts, helping you save money on heating through the colder months.

    reviewer photo of the wrap taped to a window
    the same window after a hair dryer was used to shrink the wrap to the window

    Promising reviews: "A must-have for an old drafty house in Maine. It is a fall ritual around our house, before turning the heat on, that all the windows need plastic. The Duck Brand kits are right for our house; we can do eight windows with one box." —Leave me alone

    "After having used a hardware store's brand of this for years and dreading the install every year, I purchased Duck Brand this fall, and can't believe how much easier it was to install! This is thicker than what I used before, and the tape stuck so much better! Also, the film is really good and clear. It's a good idea to use an alcohol wipe before you install the tape, and then press it down really well (I let it sit for a while, too) before pulling off the tape liner. I did three windows by myself in just over an hour. Very pleased with this brand and will buy it again next year for sure! I'm very pleased." —Trillion

    Get a three-window kit from Amazon for $9.55 (also available for one patio door or large window).

    5. Plus, a nifty draft stopper you can install (and by "install" we mean peel and stick!) underneath your door if there's a pesky gap letting in cold drafts (or those creepy crawlies that seem to emerge in the fall — ugh). Finally, you'll be able to walk by that exterior-facing door without catching a chill.

    You can cut the pieces to fit your door too!

    Promising review: "Love this! Our new home has an older door from the '50s. Its sealant is gone but anything we've tried to do makes it impossible to shut the door. This purchase has saved us so far this fall and we are hoping it helps a lot this winter keeping the draft put under the door (as well as our neighborhood spiders trying to creep in)." —karissa

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in four colors).

    6. A stadium seat that'll keep your tushy and lower back supported when you're sitting on cold aluminum bleachers watching football games this fall. The cushions are water-resistant to keep you dry on rainy evenings, and when the game's over, you can fold it up and easily carry it to the car thanks to the shoulder strap.

    two models sitting on the stadium seats on bleachers
    the same models carrying the bleacher seats using the shoulder straps

    It has a built-in bleacher hook on the bottom of the seat that keeps it securely in place so you're not sliding around.

    Promising reviews: "These seats are so comfortable. ... They were a back-saver during all the basketball games this past fall. Will buy again." —Susie Q.

    "We've started going to this season's grandkids' football games and I finally got tired of sitting on cold aluminum, so I purchased two of these Cascade Mountain Tech stadium seats — one wide and one regular. These seats are very well-built and somewhat heavy, but most of all, they're very comfortable when sitting for several hours on cold bleacher seats. For those who say they 'sink' into them, you can adjust the lacing on the bottom to tighten the seat so that you don't sink. These have been great and I'd definitely repurchase, if these were ever lost or stolen. Highly recommended." —A. Mullen

    Get it from Amazon for $44.98+ (available in five colors).

    7. A peeler, corer, and slicer device reviewers say is a *must-have* for all your fall apple baking and canning, allowing you to make quick work of that huge bag of apples you picked at the local orchard in a fraction of the time. It's great for applesauce, apple pies, apple butter, apple preserves, and more. (Psst — it works for potatoes too!)

    A reviewer uses the device to peel off an apples skin in a thin, long spiral strip
    The peeled apple, sliced evenly in the device

    It securely suctions to the countertop so all you do is turn the crank while the machine does the rest. When your apple is naked, it slides right off the core.

    Promising reviews: "After years of hard work coring, peeling, and prepping to make homemade applesauce, I finally decided enough is enough. This REALLY works! And it functions just as described and is very high quality. I make a year's supply of applesauce in the fall and this has been a lifesaver this year. Wish I had purchased it years ago. Do not hesitate to buy this item for any of your apple and potato prepping needs, you'll not regret it. It stays anchored to the counter and does everything it is supposed to do." —Coyote

    "I can apples every fall, and absolutely cannot imagine performing this task without this tool — it is a definite must-have." —Sonya

    Get it from Amazon for $23.85.

    8. A pack of sticky traps for the plants you'll be bringing inside this fall due to the weather growing colder. Those pesky flying bugs that swarm your indoor plants won't be able to resist them, and the sticky pieces trap them so you can (ugh) dispose of them later.

    Reviewer photo of three sticky traps in one pot
    Reviewer holding a trap that is almost completely covered in gnats

    Promising review: "Normally when we bring our plants inside after leaving them outside all summer we have those little fruit flies all over our house. We used the houseplant sticky stakes this year and the little flies went right to the sticky stakes and we never saw any flying around our house. We will use them every fall from now on!" —Merle L. Milner

    Get a pack of seven traps from Amazon for $7.29.

    9. dog spot repair solution so you can address the patches in your backyard caused by damage from the hot summer sun and pets. It's made from a combo of mulch, seeds, and soil designed to help healthy grass regrow so you'll have a thick, healthy yard come spring.

    Promising review: "The seed germinated and grew quickly. Fall is a great time to seed grass. You don't have the hot sun burning it out. Watering lasts longer, and it comes up and grows before the ground freezes." —Janet C.

    "This stuff, while a little pricey, is great. Used it last fall to replant some burnt out areas, and it came in fast and thick. This spring, the parts of the yard I used it in is the best grass in my yard!" —Paul B.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.74+ (available in five sizes and in packs).

    10. leaf blower/vacuum with a built-in mulcher to make clearing the avalanche of fallen leaves and other debris from your yard and patio a breeze. It even has an angled snout to make cleaning underneath furniture easy. 

    A model using the leaf blower with the mulcher bag around their shoulder
    before and after of leaves all across a driveway, followed by the driveway looking spotless and free of leaves

    It can chop up 16 bags of leaves so they fit into just one bag!

    Promising reviews: "I really put it to work this fall. Did a fantastic job. What would have been 56 bags of leaves to put curbside, the Worx Electric TriVac reduced the bags to about eight or nine finely mulched leaves ready to use as compost. Very easy to use. Light. The blower is great, also. The only downside I experienced is that the debris bag needs to be replaced. The heavy duty stitching on the zipper has come apart, making it very hard to close the bag when mulching. I will have to invest in a new one. Other than that, it is a great mulcher/blower and it is not that noisy. Highly recommended." —ADI

    "This made raking my yard in the fall a thing of the past. I was able to use this on my entire yard with ease. I was able to fill 13 bags full when normally it would be about 20–25 bags. It's great!" —AznFury

    Get it from Amazon for $66.69+ (available in three styles).

    11. Or Leaf Scoops that basically give you Hulk-sized paws for scooping up all that fallen foliage and dropping it into your wheelbarrow. It'll cut time spent on one of the season's most tedious tasks in half, and your hands will be shielded from messy wet leaves, sticks, and weeds.

    model uses oversized scooping claws to move leaves

    Promising review: "It was that time of year when all of the autumn leaves were falling and the crummy fall weather was settling in. The ground and leaves were soaked with freezing rain water and we began our miserable task of raking and bagging leaves for community curbside pickup. These Leaf Scoops made picking up the leaves SO MUCH easier than messing around with multiple rakes. Simply rake the leaves into a pile, then put on the Leaf Scoops to pickup and bag the leaves. The scoops really help grab a large amount of leaves and also save your back from bending all the way to the ground. I would definitely recommend these to family and friends! Pair these with a leaf chute for your paper bags and you will be scooping and bagging leaves like a pro..." —brian

    Get them from Amazon for $29.95 — plus, clip the coupon for $5 off!

    12. And a leaf chute capable of propping open a 30-gallon paper bag so you can more easily dump your leaves and other yard waste into it. 

    model raking leaves next to a brown waste bag propped up with the leaf chute
    reviewer's brown paper bag of collected leaves with the leaf chute in it

    Promising review: "Greatest invention since sliced bread! Revolution of leaf raking. Slide in the bag then unfold it and turn the mouth inside out and drop it on the ground and start raking your leaves directly into the bag. You will probably need to buy a new one each season as they are plastic coated cardboard. But the best $15 you will spend in the fall!" —Amber

    Get it from Amazon for $12.59

    13. Or a pair of large garden bags for holding leaves, with a double bottom layer that's water- and tear-resistant — each bag can hold up to 110 pounds without breaking! It comes with handles at both the top and bottom for easy dumping, and you can even scoop up big piles of leaves with these directly.

    hands holding the green cylindrical bag as a scoop for dead leaves
    two green garden bags piled high with fall leaves

    Promising review: "I have over 30 oak trees on my property. Fall cleanup keeps me in shape. This purchase was a lifesaver. I drag these all around my yard cleaning up leaves, sticks, acorns. They get dragged over stone ledge and my crushed stone driveway. Still going strong and not a single rip or tear. I'm seriously impressed." —Loulee

    "These are really good for the money. I use them for grass clippings and autumn leaves and couldn't be happier with them." —Nielsens

    Get a pack of two 132-gallon bags from Amazon for $23.99 (also available in smaller size without the doubled-lined bottom).

    14. A wind-resistant umbrella because — friendly reminder — you still need to replace that umbrella that fell apart on you during the last rainstorm, and with fierce, unpredictable fall storms coming up, you need something to keep with you that can actually withstand the downpours. It's designed with a vented double canopy, reinforced rods, and a teflon coating so the umbrella won't break even when winds get gusty — and it folds up compactly when you get to your destination.

    Reviewer shows inside of gray windproof umbrella while walking outside
    Reviewer shows same umbrella compact, with no rain dripping from it, in front of wet ground

    Promising reviews: "This is a hefty, sturdy umbrella. I'm not used to how heavy it is because I've always bought flimsy, cheap umbrellas. I wanted something that would last our Chicago fall season, so I took a chance since this was on sale. I can't speak to how it does in wind yet. But for basic rain coverage, it was great." —Mo

    "Best umbrella I've ever had. I bought it after looking online for one that wouldn't fall apart at the first gust of wind in a rainstorm. After using several times in a huge rainstorm with heavy winds, it seems to be indestructible. The strong wind will flip the umbrella inside out, but it quickly flips back and show no sign of being worse for wear. I plan to buy several more so I can be sure to have one at my home, office, and car." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $18.36+ (available in six colors).

    15. Thermal workout leggings that'll keep your butt and legs toasty warm when temps start to drop this fall, perfect for outdoor runs and trail hikes.

    Reviewer wears pair of black thermal leggings with a pink stripe going down the legs and zippers near the ankles with running shoes while stepping on a pile of leaves
    Reviewer wears same thermal leggings while running a marathon outside in colder weather

    They're made with moisture-wicking, brushed fabric that prevents you from feeling too cold and sweaty during workouts.

    Promising review: "Ran a size small for me, but quality and warmth perfect. Wore them for cycling in cooler fall weather and these pants (as well as the top from Bayleaf) kept me nice and warm. Pants felt so soft and snuggly in the inside lining. Very comfortable." —Daisy

    Get them from Amazon for $36.99 (available in sizes XS–XXL and five colors).

    16. A pair of Columbia hiking shoes so you can hit the trails this fall with confidence, with a high-traction rubber sole and waterproof leather-and-suede upper capable of withstanding intense hiking sessions. And who said hiking boots can't be cute — these are available with striking red laces and other color combos as well!