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    24 Food Storage Products That Actually Keep Things Fresh For Longer

    No more wilted spinach, brown avocados, or mushy strawberries.

    1. A set of Rubbermaid plastic containers with built-in FreshVent filters (which last a lifetime!) to regulate the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide to keep your fruits, berries, and veggies fresh for longer. Their elevated base keeps produce away from any moisture gathered at the bottom.

    2. Reusable storage bags to replace the plastic Ziploc bags you've been spending your hard-earned cash on over the years. They're not just a sustainable alternative — they have a leakproof seal and keep your meat and produce fresh for way longer than it would otherwise. They're freezer-safe too!

    3. Bluapple freshness saver balls you can toss into your crisper drawers, fruit bowl, or anywhere else you store produce — each "apple" has a packet in it that absorbs ethylene gas to slow down ripening time drastically. And each packet lasts three months!

    4. And foam fridge liners to place along the bottom of your crisper drawers. They allows air to circulate and absorb excess moisture so you don't have to *race* to eat your produce before it goes bad, and they're easily trimmed if needed to fit your drawer size!

    5. A salad spinner so that after you thoroughly rinse your lettuce, you can immediately remove all the excess water so it doesn't get soggy while sitting in the fridge. Because it's *way* too tempting to throw out your healthy eating plans for the day when you peek in the fridge and find your greens have already gone bad.

    6. An avocado holder with a rubber strap to secure the fruit so it stays fresh and away from exposed air. Because there's nothing worse than going back to finish the second half of your avocado and find a mushy brown mess.

    7. And a guac-lock container because once you've turned avocados into guacamole, it becomes even MORE of a challenge to keep the delicious dip from turning brown frustratingly fast. This handy container presses all the air out so the guac doesn't have that horrible layer of brown across the top next time you go to dip a chip in.

    8. An onion saver so you can slice up half of one for a recipe, then safely tuck away the rest to keep them fresh until you need them. Plus, this traps the odors from spreading around your fridge and making it smell.

    yellow and red onion savers with sliced onion inside

    9. A pack of reusable vacuum zipper bags designed to be used with a handheld vacuum sealer to create an airtight barrier that keeps your meat, cheeses, and veggies from going prematurely bad.

    10. A set of beeswax food wraps, an all-natural, eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap that actually keeps your food fresh for longer. Cover up a dish of leftovers, cheeses, fruit, bread, herbs, or anything else you want to keep fresh in your refrigerator with one of these gorgeous wraps. Plus, you'll be reducing your household's plastic use, so it's a win for the planet too.

    11. A pack of organic cotton crisper bags capable of keeping your vegetable fresh for weeks; in fact, reviewers say their produce looks *better* after being in these bags for a while. To use, you rinse your veggies as usual and wet the bags as well, wringing them out to remove excess moisture, then put in your fridge. They'll be fresh, crisp, and ready to eat whenever you're ready!

    three organic cotton crisper bags holding asparagus, eggplant, and greens

    12. A stunning rose gold wire basket for storing your fruit that doesn't need to be in the fridge. The three-tier wire design allows for ample airflow, causing the gases that ripen fruit quickly to dissipate while also preventing the fruit from sweating.

    a three-tier rose gold hammock-style fruit basket

    13. Or a fruit and veggie hammock so freakin' cute, it might even inspire you to start eating *more* produce. It works similarly to the tiered wire basket in that it allows for air circulation to preserve freshness, though you'll want to position the dowels wide enough that you're not stacking fruit too much. If counter space is limited in your kitchen, this is a nice alternative!

    The macrame net hung below a cabinet with wood dowels and hooks

    14. And a banana holder stand, because if just left sitting around, bananas can start to bruise under their own weight and ripen more quickly. This particular banana stand has a very elegant yet sturdy design, with a solid wood base and rust-proof metal structure designed to prevent everything from tipping right over.

    banana bunch hanging on a banana stand with a black hanger and wooden base

    15. Silicone pet food lids capable of keeping that open can of wet food fresh in between feedings, which your precious pup or kitty would probably appreciate! These lids fit most can sizes thanks to multiple rings on the inside, and their versatility doesn't end with pet food — you can use them for storing open cans of soup, tuna, coconut milk, and all sorts of random ingredients.

    16. An Airscape ceramic storage canister, which features a plunger lid that expels air from the container with a literal "swoosh" sound, letting you know your coffee beans won't be losing their freshness or flavor anytime soon.

    the black Airscape ceramic storage canister

    17. A set of airtight Rubbermaid storage containers to keep all sorts of pantry essentials fresh for longer: cereals, dried fruits, candies, snacks, coffee beans, brown sugar — you name it. That's reason alone to invest in these, but if you're a bit of an organization freak, you'll also appreciate just how nice and neat these look in your cabinet, letting you easily see at a glance how much of something you have left.

    clear food storage containers filled with cereal, pasta, flour, and more

    18. A cute bread box so you can store and display your loaves and bagels like they do at the bakery. It fosters just the right level of humidity to keep your bread soft, chewy, and sandwich-ready.

    bamboo bread box with various loaves and rolls inside

    19. Or a reusable bread bag you can stuff a loaf in so you don't break a tooth trying to bite into it the next day. It prevents it from drying out super fast, locking in moisture and freshness.

    a loaf of bread in a fall-themed bread bag

    20. A cheese saver to store your brie and mozzarella in so they're not green when you come back from vacation. It works for both hard and soft cheeses!

    brie inside the cheese box

    21. A set of five silicone food huggers, which do exactly what they sound like: hug the end of your half-eaten banana (or bell pepper, or apple, or anything else you've sliced up without finishing) so it's not exposed to the air and doesn't turn brown before you can use it.

    a half-cut apple with its exposed end covered by the food hugger

    22. A mini bag sealer to keep that half-eaten bag of chips from going stale in between snacking sessions.

    23. An herb keeper so you can store fresh herbs without worrying about them becoming a wilted mess within days. Imagine just having fresh basil on hand to sprinkle on your spaghetti — as one reviewer puts it, it's like having a little herb garden in your fridge!

    24. A brown bear sugar saver and softener that'll become your BFF if you're a baker — essentially, it maintains the proper moisture level to keep your brown sugar from turning into a hard and unusable brick over time, *and* it can soften sugar that's already gone hard.

    Brown sugar bear on table next to jar of sugar

    You shopping in the produce aisle without worrying about it all going bad in two days:

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