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Just 27 Subscription Gifts To Make Their Life Cozier

Give them the gift of ~cozy~ every single month.

1. FaceTory so they can pamper their skin with rejuvenating Korean sheet masks on a regular basis — preferably while soaking in the tub, lounging with a good book, or, you know, relaxing in whatever way they prefer.

2. Or Kinder Beauty Box to treat them to ALL things beauty, from skincare and haircare to makeup, body products, and accessories. As a major plus, everything they'll receive is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and free of toxic ingredients.

Kinder Beauty Box with products

3. TheraBox, a therapist-curated subscription box with all sorts of self care-oriented items every months, including happiness activities and wellness goodies like candles and bath products. Because they're always taking care of everyone around them — now it's time for them to take care of themselves.

The kit with a variety of beauty and wellness products

4. Cococlectic to surprise that loved one with a sweet tooth — they'll get to nom down on delicious dark chocolate bars every month while supporting small-batch chocolatiers and cacao-growing farmers across the US.

the subscription box with several dark chocolate bars

5. KnitCrate for those who love nothing more than to curl up and knit the evening away. This'll keep them constantly entertained with fresh projects and new yarn to work with.

The kit with two rolls of yarn

6. Book of the Month to ensure they *always* have a new novel to look forward to. There's truly nothing cozier than curling up with a good book.

7. Or a Read, Relax, and Recharge box so they can really set the mood with a novel, snacks, an "introvert-themed candle," and bath products. Perfection.

A novel with the words "Every Other Weekend" and an assortment of bath products with a purple box

8. OR Once Upon a Book Club, which makes reading more ~interactive~ by shipping a YA or Adult Fiction book with smaller wrapped gifts labeled with page numbers, meant to be unwrapped once they get to that page!

9. Foot Cardigan because as adults, we know socks are *great* gifts, actually — especially when they come in unique, funky patterns and designs that you want to show off.

10. A Sips by tea subscription so they can discover new flavors beyond their usual chai. They'll think of you every time they enjoy this warm, comforting drink.

The kit with a variety of tea inside

11. Or a honey subscription from Zach & Zoe to make their teatime routine even sweeter. They can choose from a selection of 100% raw wildflower honey blends infused with ingredients like lavender, lemon, and raspberry.

Two jars of honey next to a gift box

12. Silk + Sonder for reflective souls (and organized planners) who can delve deeper every month with a new themed planner, designed around introspection, creativity, and focus.

13. Atlas Coffee Club to expose java lovers to new flavors and blends curated from around the world. It's *almost* like going on a coffee pilgrimage without having to leave the house.

The box with a bag of coffee

14. Or Bean & Bean, a woman-owned roastery that sources the majority of its coffee from female farmers. Basically, your loved one gets an *excellent* cup of joe to start their mornings with, and you get to support women-owned businesses with your purchase — truly a win-win.

Four purple bags of coffee

15. Plant of the Month for someone whose home is already half covered in plants anyway, so why not add a few more? Everyone knows the number of plants you have directly correlates with coziness 🤷‍♀️

A person opening up a box with a plant, water bottle, pot, and other plant-related products inside

16. A Goddess Provisions subscription designed to nurture their "inner goddess" with a monthly supply of crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products, superfood snacks, and more.

17. A MeUndies subscription because one simply cannot be cozy without comfortable undergarments, and with this subscription they'll get a bunch of fun prints and designs to match their personality.

18. Or bralettes from Layered with Lace for when they want to look cute *and* be comfy while lounging around — no sharp underwires here. This subscription will let them build up their collection of bralettes in a variety of styles.

19. Winc to help them expand their wine palate with new curated bottles every month. Enthusiasts will enjoy discovering new wines, while beginners will gain a better sense of their own taste beyond "I like reds?"

The kit with four bottles of wine

20. Cocotique, a beauty box created by and for women of color so they can try out new, high-quality products without wasting any time *or* money. From face masks to muscle-soothing bath salts, this subscription will take their self-care routine to the next level.

Cocotique's limited-edition holiday box with a variety of beauty products

21. NatureBox because snacks are an essential part of any cozy lifestyle. No one likes feeling peckish at 3 p.m. with nothing around to munch on — with this subscription, they'll always have tasty *and* nutritious snacks around to help them power through the day.

The kit packed with various snacks in orange packaging

22. Shaker & Spoon so they can learn some new cocktail recipes and pretend to live out their dream of being a professional bartender.

the cocktail kit

23. Hunt A Killer if they're the type to stay up late watching true crime docs and think murder mysteries and horror are ~cozy~.

Various papers and pamphlets from a recent Hunt A Killer box

24. The Sip Society because fancy champagne isn't just for weddings and New Year's Eve — they deserve to celebrate themselves on the reg. With The Sip, they can discover new high-end champagnes without breaking the bank.

The Sip champagne subscription box

25. Decocrated if they're looking to add a little more pizzaz to their home decor but don't know where to get started. This subscription will help them cozy up their space with basically zero effort on their end.

Decor on a table

26. Freshly cut and sustainably sourced flowers from The Bouqs Co. because having fresh flowers in the home is just good for the soul.

A bouquet of sunflowers

27. A Vellabox candle subscription to make their home smell absolutely *incredible* and give their space that warm glow that's absolutely essential for relaxation.

Your giftee every time they open up their monthly subscription box:

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