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    Just 36 Things You Need This Winter If You're Constantly Freezing

    If being cold is basically one of your personality traits at this point...this post is for you.

    1. An oversized sherpa blanket hoodie (as seen on Shark Tank) that you can wrap up in, relax, and feel all your pent-up stress from the day melt away.

    2. A pair of lavender-filled slippers so you can relax *and* warm up your ice-cold feet before bed — these ultra-soft slippers can actually be microwaved before putting on to act as a mini heater for your feet.

    3. A pair of soft fuzzy socks lined with fleece if your toes are always ice cold — these also have rubber grips on the bottom to prevent you from sliding around your home.

    A reviewer wearing the socks in black and white

    4. Sherpa-lined sweats that are basically like wrapping your legs in the *fluffiest* bathrobe. These are worthy of being a wardrobe staple, whether they're working from home, running errands, or exercising outdoors.

    5. A pretty pastel mug warmer because there's nothing worse than going for a sip of coffee or tea, only to realize it's gone cold. With this electric warmer, you can happily enjoy your hot drink for hours.

    A pink mug warmer on a desk with a mug of coffee on it

    6. A faux fur throw blanket that's basically the definition of cozy. This isn't one of those skimpy throws that barely covers your legs — it's one you can really wrap up in on a chilly winter morning.

    An orange blanket being held up in front of someone, covering their entire body

    7. A heated mattress pad with dual controls for the queen and king sizes, because inevitably there will be one person who likes to sleep warmer than the other. Just turn this on at the highest level to preheat the bed, and it'll be nice and toasty by the time you're ready for some shut-eye.

    A queen bed with the heated mattress pad on it and dual controllers

    8. Or a Sunbeam electric blanket you'll be so grateful for when you slip into bed and the sheets are already soothingly warm. (Heads up: Your pets will probably love this blanket too.)

    9. A heated seat cover because when you're stumbling out the door on your way to work at 7 a.m., the last thing you want to do is slide into an icy cold leather seat. This'll keep your tushy and back warm on those long winter commutes.

    The black seat warmers which attach to the seat via elastic bands

    10. A rechargeable, double-sided hand warmer that gives you about three to four hours of juice and starts getting hot in just 10 seconds. It fits easily in the palm of your hand and has a wrist strap, so you can easily take it with you to the office, sports games, outdoor concerts — and anywhere else your hands might need a quick warm-up. Bonus: It's also *really* cute.

    11. A microwave- and dishwasher-safe hand warmer mug to keep your drinks *and* your freezing hands warm and toasty.

    12. A faux fur headband that'll protect your head and ears from frigid temps and high winds while also looking ~fancy,~ whether you're wearing it skiing or just out for a quick errand.

    13. Or a pair of adjustable ear muffs lined with fleece to keep your ears warm and toasty without messing up your hair. These are designed for portability — when you're done wearing them, these can be twisted and folded up small enough to fit in your pocket!

    14. An easy-to-use insulator kit that doesn't just keep your home warm; it also saves you a good chunk of money on heating. If you've got drafty windows with a noticeable breeze when you get close, this might be the solution to your chilly home problem.

    15. A mini heating pad to provide soothing heat relief for any sore, aching muscles, and it can help quickly warm up your freezing hands as well. This cozy little friend is the perfect size for taking on the go — all you have to do is toss it in the microwave for immediate comfort.

    16. A hand-knit merino wool blanket, aka the ultimate piece of hygge decor. It's so soft, warm, and cozy, everyone and the dog will be fighting to use it.

    An off-white chunky knit blanket

    17. A spa-esque towel warmer so you always have a steaming hot towel at the ready when you get out of the shower to warm you right up. Your body won't even have the CHANCE to get cold.

    A model pulling out a towel out of the towel warmer

    18. A teensy space heater to keep you warm while you're working at your desk or to heat up a small bedroom. Reviewers say it's highly effective — if anything, it can get *too* warm if you keep it too close to you, so leave a bit of distance when placing it.

    19. A chunky plaid scarf so you can take that cozy, comforting feeling with you every time you have to trudge outside your door this winter. You can also wrap it around your shoulders as a shawl if you need an extra layer!

    20. Or a fleece winter gaiter if scarves aren't really your style, but you still need some kind of covering to shield your neck and lower face from the bitter cold. It's designed to fit all head sizes, with an adjustable elastic cord that lets you tighten or loosen the fit. (This can also come in clutch if you forget your face mask!)

    21. An adjustable heated mousepad made for anyone who works in a freezing cold office. Even if you've got a space heater and a blanket at your desk, the targeted heat this applies to your mouse-using hand can improve circulation and leave your icy fingers toasty warm.

    22. A heathered Barefoot Dreams robe reviewers rave about for its luxurious softness and cozy warmth. Stepping out of a hot shower in the winter is truly the worst, but throw this on and the cold won't bother you one bit.

    23. A pair of fleece-lined faux leather leggings that manage to look sexy and stylish while also keeping your legs ultra warm in the chilliest of weather. Need a dupe for those $100 Spanx leather leggings? Give these a go.

    24. A headband that doubles as wireless headphones for those cold outdoor runs when you need to keep your ears warm...but you also wanna blare your workout playlist at 100%. It's also designed to be worn while sleeping so you can play white noise (or whatever else helps you catch some Z's).

    people wearing the sleep headphones to sleep, do yoga, run, and in an exercise class

    25. A stylish and popular pair of crisscross faux fur slippers with a supportive memory foam insole and waterproof, anti-slip grips on the bottom so you can wear them out. Reviewers swear these are cozy and warm despite the open-toe design, which actually allows for circulation so your feet don't get sweaty.

    26. A cult-favorite Orolay parka sporting six (!) pockets, a warm fleece-lined hood, and a windproof design capable of withstanding freezing cold weather.

    27. A luxe all-natural cotton blanket available in a variety of classic designs. This is the blanket you'll want to curl up under with a glass of wine on those dreamy nights when you don't plan on leaving the couch. It's designed to be so durable, you'll never need to buy another.

    28. A pair of Sperry boots so you can trudge through rain and snow (and those awful post-snow puddles) without ending up with cold, soggy socks, which we can all agree is the absolute worst feeling.

    29. A faux-shearling pullover stylish and warm enough to wear out and about...but also comfy enough to pull on over your PJs while you're bingeing that new Netflix show. Basically, you'll want to live in this thing (and probably buy one in every color).

    30. A pair of thermal blackout curtains capable of darkening a room completely while preventing that precious heat from escaping, helping boost the room's insulation. When you're *always* freezing, every little heat-saving measure helps!

    The curtains in mustard yellow

    31. A set of wool mittens with fleece lining that'll keep your hands and fingers comfortably warm for hours, even in sub-freezing temps.

    A reviewer wearing the mittens in black

    32. Hunter shearling insoles to winter-proof your favorite boots on those blistering cold days, letting you ditch the chunky wool socks. Though designed for Hunter boots, reviewers say they work well with other brands like LaCrosse and L.L.Bean.

    reviewer photo of the insoles

    33. A set of quality flannel sheets made of 100% Turkish cotton. They're soft and warm without compromising breathability, and reviewers say they hold up well after washing. Basically, you'll can curl up like a toasty burrito in these alllll winter long.

    flannel sheets on a bed

    34. A satin-lined fleece hoodie that's simply the *definition* of soft, warm, and cozy. Another huge plus: It's designed to be easy on natural hair without drying it out or causing frizz or