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    51 Prezzies To Give Your Pet Any Time, Because They Don't Know When Christmas Is

    As far as I'm concerned, Christmas is 365 days a year for my sweet (fur) children.

    1. A self-grooming toy so your cat can get those good, good neck and cheek scritches when you're not available (or capable) to shower them all with attention at once. 

    A reviewer's three-legged cat using the self-grooming cat toy to scratch his left cheek
    A gif of a reviewer's cat using the self-groomer cat brush to scratch its neck and cheek

    Promising review: "An ingenious device to make your cat happy. My cat loves, loves, loves to have her head, face and neck brushed. I do it regularly, but I liked the idea of her being able to get a scratch whenever she wanted. I put this up on the wooden side of her bed, where she likes to rub her head anyway. (I used little nails to avoid marring the painted surface.) She quickly began using it. I was a little worried that she might do it obsessively and rub all her hair off, but so far she just gives herself a few scratches. I highly recommend this if your cat likes to rub their head on things." —Lynx

    Get it from Amazon for $5.49.

    2. A popular hide-a-squirrel plush dog toy (boasting 43,000+ five-star reviews) to distract your pup for hours as they obsessively search for the squirrels tucked inside the log. You can also take the squeaky squirrels out and toss them for a game of fetch!

    the plush hide a squirrel toy with three squirrels inside
    a small dog chewing on the squirrel plush toy

    Promising review: "Our puppy lives to destroy. Every toy we have gotten her lays shredded in indistinguishable ruins with the exception of this one little squirrel house. We made bets on how long it would last – 15 seconds being the favorite choice. She doesn't waste time searching out the squirrels in the house. No, she just shakes the house with her head vigorously and the squirrels go flying. This is her favorite toy. She carries the squirrels around like they're her babies. Her favorite pull toy is the squirrel house and it's held up better than any toy actually made to be a pulI toy. I really, really don't get it – but this is the Samsonite of all dog toys." —In the Boonies

    Get it from Amazon for $12.19+ (available in four sizes). 

    3. catnip wall mount with four different-flavored balls for them to play with and discover which is their favorite — basically like a flight for kitties. They'll have fun investigating each flavor (and you'll appreciate not having to vacuum up loose catnip that's been strewn all over the floor).

    chart showing what each of the different ball toys is flavored with
    cat licking on one of the wall mounted ball treats

    It's flavored with cat sugar, catnip, silvervine, and gall fruit, respectively. Multiple reviewers said their elderly/senior cats with limited mobility or declining eyesight really enjoyed the sensation of rubbing their face on this and licking it. 🥺

    Promising reviews: "My cats absolutely LOVE this toy! I really like that it adheres to wherever you want to put it, PLUS it is a no mess catnip/treat option for your furry babies! I bought two and WILL be getting more soon, I love them that much! HIGHLY recommend this product and this seller!!!!! Seller is also really sweet and is quick to respond to emails should you have any questions! You don't find customer service like this anymore, THE BEST!!!" —Pumphrey 

    "My elderly cat turns into a kitten around this! She has very bad arthritis (treating with pain meds) and is not very active, but rolls around kicking her feet and rubbing on the silver vine balls. It brings her happiness and I am grateful." —Kate Steenberg

    Get it from Amazon for $16.49 (also available as standalones without the board).

    4. Or a catnip alternative variety box that'll be like Christmas has come early for your feline bb. They'll get to sample all sorts of new ingredients that'll tingle their senses — and if you have a cat who doesn't respond to the regular catnip at the store, this is a great way to figure out what gets them going and help encourage more play.

    a box of catnip alternatives, including valerian, silvervine powder, matatabi sticks, home grown catnip, and a refillable toy
    reviewer's cat chewing on a matatabi stick

    The box includes matatabi chew sticks, silvervine powder, valerian root, and an all-natural blend of catnip packed with the most potent part of the plant: its flowers. The box comes with one refillable toy.

    Meowy Janes is a small New Jersey-based business that sells all natural catnip and alternatives such as whole silvervine fruit.

    Promising reviews: "This stuff is a lot better than regular catnip. From the time I open the box, my two cats are all over me to get at it. Just a little bit at the time will satisfy them. They like chewing and rubbing on the sticks as well as playing with toys that you apply it to. I have purchased this a couple of times and they never get tired of it." —C. Scroggs

    Get it from Amazon for $31.41. They sell everything separately in their shop too, so once you figure out what your cats like, you can always order more of that specific item!

    5. A TikTok-famous dog water bottle because your canine BFF shouldn't have to wait until they get back home to quench their thirst. It can clip onto their leash or your bag for taking clean water on long walks or road trips. 

    reviewer photo of pink dog water bottle, black dog in background
    a reviewer photo of someone using the bowl bottle to give water to a dog out on a walk

    Promising review: "This water bottle has been exactly what I needed for dog walks or longer rides. I've used it for several months before posting a review. It's not leaked and the attachments have not failed. I like that it came with an attachment that I can hook to a leash/bag as well as one that I can put around my wrist. Sometimes I toss it into a bag and it's never leaked. As pet owners know, water isn't always available when needed; this is no longer a worry for me. Super pleased at how this has worked for me and my boys." —Fastdogz

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in six colors). 

    6. A pint of Puppy Scoops ice cream for days when you want to treat them to a special treat, whether it's their birthday, a holiday, or after a stressful vet visit. All you have to do is add water to the powdered mix and freeze the container, and you'll have scoop-able, decadent, all-natural ice cream for them to lick right up!

    Reviewer image of dog eating ice cream out of container
    Image of reviewer scooping ice cream

    Promising review: "This ice cream is so easy to fix. Just add hot water, stir well, and pop in the freezer...super simple and quick. My dogs can't wait for their treat! They actually sit in front of the refrigerator begging me to open the freezer and get them a scoop. I like the fact that I can take a spoon and shave off little bites or take a small melon ball scoop and give them more. Love the container, which makes it look just like people ice cream. One of my little darlings is a very picky eater and has food allergies. She has not had any problems eating the ice cream; in fact, she wants nothing else but ice cream before bed now. So far, they have tried vanilla and peanut butter and both are hits. Maple bacon is on the menu next." —Mom2Yorkies

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in six flavors).

    7. A bestselling bottle of Sniffingtons flavored bubbles they'll have a blast chasing, catching and popping, and no sticky residue will be left behind either! The bubbles are canine- and feline-safe and come in all sorts of yummy scents, like gingerbread, blueberry muffin, and birthday cake. 

    a dog staring at a bubble
    the jar of flavored bubbles
    Sniffingtons / Etsy

    Sniffingtons is a Greenville, South Carolina-based Etsy shop offering flavored bubbles, bandanas, collars, leashes, and other dog accessories.

    Promising review: "I bought multiple flavors for my two border collies and they absolutely loved playing with them. Will definitely buy again! The wand is sturdy (he tried taking it out from my hand multiple times) and there’s a lot of solution compared to other dog-friendly bubbles I’ve bought for them. Also, I love how it doesn’t leave any sticky residue on their coats. 100/100 recommend!" —lineth garcia

    Get it from Sniffingtons on Etsy for $7.65 (originally $8.50; available in 10 scents or unscented).

    8. A Snuggle Puppy your dog can cuddle up with in a variety of anxious situations, from crate training to travel anxiety. This stuffed toy has a "Real Feel" heartbeat that's comforting to dogs who curl up next to it, and yes, it's as adorable as it sounds.

    reviewer photo showing a small puppy cuddling with its SmartPetLove snuggle puppy
    reviewer photo of Dalmatian puppy cuddling with the Snuggle Puppy

    Now you can rest assured your pup won't get lonely when you go off to work or run errands.

    Promising review: "I was skeptical about getting a $40 stuffed animal for my dog, but I’m so glad I did! We got our Frenchie on a Monday night and we were up three times that night with her and Tuesday night. The puppy buddy came in on Wednesday evening and I immediately let her use it. I turned on the heart beat for her and she was immediately intrigued by it. The final test was seeing how she did overnight. She slept all night! We heard her whine for not even a full minute at one point but she went back to sleep quickly. She now looks for her puppy when she is ready to lay down." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $38.06+ (available in five colors).

    9. Or for cat owners, a purring toy with a similar concept intended to help kitties who struggle with stress or separation anxiety. This soothing touch-activated toy emits a familiar purr that'll make it your baby's new favorite nap buddy, providing calming comfort.

    a kitten face-first sleeping on the toy
    reviewer's cat napping on the sloth purring toy

    If you have a single-cat home or have a cat who's grieving the loss of a companion, this toy can be a hypnotizing source of comfort. It's a good choice for kittens recently separated from their mother as well. Also, please watch this reviewer's video of their kitten [pictured above left] kneading and rubbing their face on the purring toy because 😭 it's so cute.

    Promising review: "Works like a charm! I recently found myself a cat mama of an abandoned week-old kitten. I bought this knowing she needed just something to cuddle up to in her bed. Turns out it basically hypnotizes her to sleep. She crawls to it, kneads it, and eventually her meows turn to silence. I wish the purring lasted longer but for $10 it is a lifesaver. She's pooped on it a couple of times so I've had to throw it in the washer and dryer minus the battery pack. It's held up great." —S Leytem

    Get it from Amazon for $9.85+ (available in two styles, a blue sloth or purple kitty).

    10. A soft hammock so your rat, ferret, guinea pig, or other small fur baby can curl up inside and stay cozy when you're not at home.

    reviewer's ferrets inside hammock
    a guinea pig napping inside the hammock

    Promising review: "We have gone through so many hammocks that do not work for our ferrets. This hammock is AMAZING!!! Our ferrets love it! It’s durable, no long straps or cords for them to chew on, they can hide in it, and it’s big enough for them to cuddle together. We are so impressed we ordered another one to put on the second level of their cage. So pleased with this product!" —Dmarie

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in five colors/styles). 

    11. And a small animal tent with transparent sides so you can let your little pal(s) out of their cage to play and run around. It's super lightweight, so you can even carry it outside to let them get some fresh air.

    reviewer photo showing their two guinea pigs in the tent
    same reviewer showing their guinea pigs in the tent

    Promising review: "Perfect for our guinea pig. Plenty of room for him to run around in for exercise. Very lightweight and easy to clean. Mesh sides make it perfect to be able to keep an eye on him and they are a good height to make sure he does not get out. Good for inside or outside. I wish I had ordered it sooner for him!" —Lynne S.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.88+ (available in six colors).