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    All The Best Early Black Friday Deals At Amazon

    We're looking though all the deals that launched early to find the very best so you don't have to wait — or risk things selling out.

    1. 44% off Cosrx’s snail mucin repairing essence that may seem like it would give you the ick, but is totally worth adding to your routine. No snail-like results here: Just pat it in, and you’ll be appreciating the moisture boost right away. Reviewers say it helps with acne, inflammation, peeling, fine lines, and even eczema!

    2. *Plus* 37% off the Cosrx snail mucin repair cream, the essence's partner in crime — this gel cream not only locks in moisture to plump and hydrate skin, but reviewers claim it genuinely has changed the texture to make it smoother.

    3. 38% off the second-gen Apple AirPods, because making the switch to the wireless earbud life is absolutely worth it. These will give you up to five hours of listening with a single charge, so you can roam around your house jamming to your favorite playlists without disturbing anyone.

    4. Plus, $30 off the newest third-gen AirPods, which is tied for the lowest price they've been thus far! This upgraded version adds personalized spatial audio, greater battery life, and sweat- and water-resistance.

    5. Up to 35% off the Samsung Frame TV — if you don't want to waste wall space on a regular TV, this is a must. You can display classical paintings, photographs, and modern art with the click of a button on the anti-reflective matte screen — and then turn on your favorite show when you're ready to binge!

    reviewer's tv with painting on it and five star review text saying "wow! best tv I ever purchased"

    6. 42% off a set of internet-famous Mellanni sheets made of a super-soft and moisture-wicking microfiber fabric over 250,000 5-star reviewers (wow!) love for being cozy and sleeping surprisingly cool — at an unbeatable price! You just might want to ditch your expensive sheets for these babies after the first night.

    A reviewers made bed with white sheets and review text "so soft and comfy"

    7. And 40% off a king-sized pair of Beckham Hotel Collection bed pillows that are designed to stay cool and keep their shape so you can get a good night's sleep. They have over 158,000 5-star ratings!

    two white pillows on a bed

    8. 41% off *The Amazon Coat*, a chicly oversized parka that'll keep you truly toasty warm — and make everyone think you splurged big time. Mega style, mega warmth, and pockets for days? Sign me up.

    9. 32% off a box of skin-lifting, pore-tightening Skin1004 face masks with results that reviewers swear by — not to mention the fact that it's weirdly fun? The mask tightens as it dries on your face, giving you the titular "zombie" effect. Just wait 15 minutes and rinse to reveal your glowiest glow yet, thanks to the albumin (aka egg white) and aloe formula.

    Reviewer before and after showing the mask made their skin look tighter and reduced the appearance of some wrinkles

    10. 40% off plus an extra 5% off a bestselling veggie chopper and slicer — because if chopping is the part of cooking you dread the most, it's totally fine to call a helpful little gadget in to assist.

    11. 18% off the Apple Watch Series 9, aka its lowest price yet, since it just came out in September! It's packed with all the fitness features, advanced health tracking, and customization Apple Watches are known for, plus the powerful new S9 chip that has majorly upgraded its performance and capabilities.

    12. 24% off (that's $350 off) the original Peloton bike if you've been tempted for years to invest in one — this is the cheapest this one's been!

    A model using the peloton, which has a 4 x 2 foot footprint (smaller than the average yoga mat)

    13. 58% off an Echo Show 8 that not only allows you to take video calls and set reminders, but can also be converted into a digital frame that plays your most cherished memories on a loop. *Plus* it makes following weekday recipes even easier with its larger screen, and you can manage other smart devices in your home. What's not to love??

    the echo show with a multi-way video call on the screen

    14. 42% off a Wi-Fi–connected Roomba that'll do some tidying while you're doing more important things (like watching TV or scrolling TikTok). Plus, it'll work on multiple floor surfaces, like hardwood and carpet.

    the roomba

    15. Or 56% off an-app controlled robot vacuum cleaner for those who think the Roomba is *way* too expensive (trust me, we get it). This vacuum cleans hardwood floors and low pile carpet for half the price and comes with a charging station.

    16. Up to 60% off Crocs, including the classic style and cozy fleece-lined ones, because say what you will, but their comfort and versatility are unmatched — and you can dress them up with cute charms! Reviewers say as soon as you put them on, you might not want to wear your other, regular shoes.

    reviewer wearing white crocs with colorful flower charms on them

    17. 43% off a Blink mini camera with night vision, motion detection, and so much more. Oh, and it also works with your Alexa.


    18. Up to 50% off a Waterpik water flosser that's *perfect* for anyone with sensitive teeth or gums — this deep cleans super effectively and gently, and is actually *more* effective than ordinary floss at improving gum health!

    19. 50% off the *newest* Amazon 4K Fire TV Stick with 4K picture, Dolby sound, and ~WiFi 6~ for uninterrupted streaming. You can simply plug into your TV and stream all the shows, movies, and music you want at the push of a button.

    the stick and remote with text "a truly cinematic experience"

    20. Up to 47% off Levi's ribcage straight jeans you can reach for all year long, whether you dress them up with heels or keep things casual with your favorite sneaks. TikTok is *obsessed* with these for how good they look on every body type. 

    reviewer showing off the front of the high rise jeans in shade space ripple
    a reviewer poses in the jeans with heels

    See how these look on one plus-size reviewer on TikTok!

    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: "My favorite jeans of all time. High waisted Levi’s are so comfy, so high quality, so adorable…my daughter stole mine and I had to buy another pair. She is 27, I am 49. These jeans rock a multitude of generations and body types. The dark wash is my favorite and they are a thick denim, cool button fly and not much stretch. Levi’s will never go out of style." —patrice hedrick

    Price$41.99 (originally $79.50; available in sizes 24–32, plus sizes 16–24, and 19 styles).

    Psst — a bunch of Levi's jean styles are on sale for Black Friday, so check 'em out!

    21. 50% off an Amazon Fire 7 Kids tablet if you don't want to worry about what your little one is up to. It's designed for kids ages 3 to 7 and comes with a year-long Amazon Kids+ subscription, which gives the family access to thousands of books, games, videos, and more.

    a kid with the amazon fire tablet

    22. 62% off a heated eye massager with so many bells and whistles, it's worth the investment and *then* some. Not only does it come with five different massage modes and a 15-minute timer, but it has Bluetooth music so you can vibe with your eyes *and* your ears.

    reviewer relaxing with the heated eye massager

    23. 33% off a massage gun to give you sweet relief after a long workout. Use this to massage any achy or sore muscles — it's designed to help you recover faster so you can get back to pumping iron.

    reviewer holding the black massage gun in their hand

    24. 43% off a Tushy 2.0 bidet attachment for pampering your patootie. Not only will it help you use less TP, but it also just leaves you feeling cleaner after you go.

    25. 60% off a fancy touchless forehead thermometer, because if you need a thermometer for cold + flu season, you might as well save a little! This one can take anyone's temperature in seconds — and without bothering them if they're getting some needed rest or sleep.

    reviewer using thermometer on baby

    26. 51% off the new Beats Studio Pro headphones (the best price they've ever gone for) with noise-canceling, personalized spacial audio, and up to *40* hours of battery life so you can enjoy immersive sound for hours and hours.

    27. Plus, 40% off a pair of Beats Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones so you can say bye bye to earbuds that die halfway through your day. These last n-i-n-e freaking hours and sit securely on your ears so they'll stay with you whether you're head-banging through a frustrating work day or jamming during a sweaty run.

    a buzzfeed editor holding white beats wireless headphones

    28. 52% off a soil-free AeroGarden Harvest so you can always have fresh herbs picked straight from...your countertop. This hydroponic system removes most of the mess and stress of traditional gardening, plus it'll alert you when it's time to water and feed the plants.

    herbs growing from the black aerogarden

    29. 25% off a MacBook Air laptop (it comes down to under $750, its best price!) — an excellent deal if your old laptop is getting a bit old and slow! This has all the features you need: 18 hours of battery life, a 13.3-inch retina display, and the user-friendly experience you love from Apple.

    reviewer photo showing macbook pro

    30. 50% off an IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum on Amazon — which just so happens to by my favorite hyaluronic acid serum ever and I constantly rec to friends. In fact, I think I'll use this op to stock up!

    model using the serum

    31. 40% off a Solawave red light therapy wand — essentially a multifaceted beauty genius in one small tool. You've got red light therapy that helps fade discoloration, microcurrents that stimulate facial muscles and lift skin, and therapeutic warmth to decrease redness and help your skin absorb your skincare products even more. It's like having a pro-level facial right at home!

    32. 40% off a box of peroxide-free whitening strips from Lumineux on Amazon if you're looking for something a little more gentle. It uses coconut and sage oil to make it safe for sensitive teeth.

    Reviewer's teeth before and after using white strips

    33. 44% off Elizabeth Mott's waterproof eyeshadow primer on Amazon, which laughs in the face of oily lids and creases, since its paraben-free formula features a sebum-controlling powder that locks in your shadow. (And you're not going to want to skip out on this step if you're looking for your pigment to really pop.)

    34. 54% off an Echo Dot, one of Amazon's most popular (and adorable) smart devices. Use voice control to play music and podcasts, check the weather, and even set routines so it'll automatically turn off your lights, adjust the thermostat, and more. It packs a ton of utility for such a small gadget!

    a white echo dot

    35. 50% off a 7-pack of Calvin Klein cotton stretch boxer briefs if it's been a little too long since you bought new underwear.


    36. 37% off, plus an additional $5 off the ICONIC ChomChom pet hair roller. For the uninitiated, this iconic cleaning product traps pet hair inside without the use of any sticky tape, and it works wonders on fur-covered couches and chairs — I can attest to it myself.

    a blue velvet ottoman covered in cat hair, with an after photo of it 10 seconds later looking clean and hair-free after using the chomchom

    37. 48% off a cute, gift-worthy Bluetooth speaker (the cheapest it's ever been!) with a retro computer design, including real, RGB-backlit buttons and a screen you can program to display the time, pixel art, and all sorts of animations. Sure, it can also play music and podcasts — all the usual Bluetooth speaker capabilities — but it's also just so dang cute, and a lot of people just use it as desk decor.

    38. 44% off dino race track (for the kid on your Christmas list) complete with T-Rex-head cars that light up when pushed along the track — every other race track set suddenly looks so boring...

    The green track with brides and dino cars

    39. $100 off a Walking Pad under-desk treadmill that folds right in half for easy storage so you can get your steps in while watching TV or attending yet another meeting that should have been an email.