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    Just 29 Time-Saving Cleaning Products That Do All The Dirty Work For You

    These dirt, grime, and stain-eliminating products require zero to minimal effort on your part.

    1. A zero-effort, once-a-week Wet & Forget cleaner that works without any scrubbing or wiping needed. All you have to do is shower and then spray this on afterward — it'll handle all the grime and residue from there.

    2. A pack of bottle-cleaning tablets because your water bottle is probably disgusting and long-overdue for a wash (it happens to all of us). Drop one of these tablets into your bottle with some warm water, watch it fizz up while it deep cleans, then empty and give your bottle a quick rinse. No more funky smells or weird residue!

    Progression photo showing a stained mug, the mug with foaming liquid inside, and the mug after it's been cleaned looking shiny and brand new

    3. A dishwasher cleaner and disinfectant that can remove the nasty buildup inside your dishwasher without you needing to lift a finger. Just add a tablet, run a normal wash cycle, and watch lime and mineral buildup disappear. Now you don't have to worry about your dishes *actually* getting clean!

    A before/after of a reviewer's dishwasher, dirty and stained before and shiny and new looking after

    4. And washing machine cleaner tablets for the same reason — the thing that cleans your clothes needs to be clean itself! These tablets are the easiest way to quickly clean smelly residues and grime that build up inside your washing machine over time.

    On the left, the insider of a washing machine looking dark and dirty, and on the right, the same washing machine now looking lighter and shinier

    5. A pouch of foaming garbage disposal cleaner because your disposal might be building up something so gross and smelly, you don't even want to think about it. Luckily, you won't have to after this quick-acting product gets to work.

    6. Eucalyptus toilet-cleaning bombs designed to leave your toilet sparkling and fresh. If you're someone who always puts off cleaning the toilet, definitely give these a shot! They can help tide you over between deep cleans and are also great to use if you have guests coming over. Because let's face it: Sometimes scent sprays just end up making the bathroom smell worse. 🤢

    eucalyptus toilet fizzies next to a jar of them

    7. A ChomChom pet hair roller if pet hair has taken over your entire home and no matter how hard you try to clean it, there's always a little bit left over. The ChomChom roller doesn't mess with sticky tapes or paper; instead, you get a reusable brush that grabs up every bit of hair and lint as you clean — just empty it out after, and you're good to go again!

    8. A brilliant power scrubber brush that straight-up attaches to a drill to handle all the muscle power of cleaning for you. If you've got stains, hard-water marks, and mold and mildew buildup that you just haven't been able to get rid of, this could be the thing that finally does the trick.

    9. A cooktop-cleaning kit to restore your electric stovetop without breaking a sweat. This three-piece kit comes with a scraper, pad, and cooktop cleaner designed to remove burns, stains, and residues without causing any damage.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of scratched stovetop and then a smooth and clean stovetop

    10. Or Bar Keepers Friend, a bleach-free powdered cleaner that does work on a filthy stovetop, stainless steel dishes, or any other nonporous surface.

    11. A jar of The Pink Stuff, an internet-beloved cleaning paste made to tackle stains, dirt, and grime practically anywhere. Put it to the test on that pan, bathtub, or wall you've long given up on and watch this versatile paste work its magic.

    12. Or an eco-friendly oven scrub handmade with a blend of plant- and mineral-derived ingredients, like eucalyptus, lemon, and peppermint essential oils; pumice stone; and baking soda. That baked-on grease and food from years ago is no match for this all-natural paste.

    13. An Angry Mama microwave cleaner, because you know your mama would be mad to see how messy your microwave has gotten! But don't worry, she'll take care of the dirty work for you this time. Just fill the top of this Angry Mama with water and vinegar and nuke it in the microwave, then easily wipe away all the stains that have been loosened up by the steam.

    on the top, a reviewer's microwave looking dirty, and on the bottom, the same reviewer's microwave looking clean after using the angry mama

    14. A robotic vacuum to suck up all the pet hair, dirt, dust, and leftover food crumbs building up on your floor. All you have to do is turn it on, and it'll go about its way cleaning your floors, even getting into hard-to-reach areas like under couches or tables.

    15. A wine spray so you don't have to panic the next time you or a guest knocks a glass of red wine over! Just spray this onto the affected clothing or carpet, let it sit for five minutes, then blot the area until the stain disappears (or, for clothing, toss it into the washer).

    16. A fabric deodorizer to eliminate lingering fridge odors when nothing else seems to work! Just sit back and relax while this charcoal pouch purifies the air inside your fridge by absorbing excess moisture.

    Fabric deodorizer hanging inside fridge

    17. An oil stain remover capable of pulling out deep, set-in stain on stone countertops, including marble, granite, limestone, and sandstone. All you have to do is apply the paste and let it sit uncovered for up to 72 hours until it dries to a powder, then remove and allow the solvent to completely dry. The countertop should be left looking like there was never a stain there in the first place!

    reviewer's before, during, and after photos which show an oil stain on their countertop which is then removed by the cleaning paste

    18. An Iron Out rust stain remover for all those tough rust stains you've all but given up on. You can use it inside or outside the home on anything from tubs and sinks to tile and concrete. All you have to do is spray the stain, let it sit for just seconds, then wipe it away — no scrubbing needed!

    19. Sunny & Honey Carpet Miracle to lift away stains created by humans or pets like they were never even there. Mix it into a spray bottle for spot treatment or in a carpet-cleaning machine to run over an entire area, and watch pet stains, wine spills, or everyday dirt and grime disappear.

    before and after of a reviewer's carpet looking cleaner and brighter after 10 minutes of work, plus a test strip through a dirty patch showing how clean it gets the carpet

    20. And specifically for pet owners, an odor-eliminating spray if your carpets are no stranger to cat pee and other pet-related stains and odors. This spray releases enzymes that break down the smelly residue left behind by pet accidents, so it doesn't just clean the carpet; it actually eliminates the odor to leave your floor as fresh as before.

    The spray bottle being used on carpet

    21. A Litter Robot for anyone who always lets their cat's litter box go a little longer than it should without cleaning. This automatic litter box ensures they always have a clean box of litter, and all you have to do is throw away the bag of collected waste and put in a new liner. It's a win-win for both you and your kitty!

    22. An air purifier that captures dust, smoke, pet dander, pollen, and other indoor irritants that you don't see but can be harmful for you and any children. Once you see how nasty the filter gets, you'll wish you picked one up years ago. It works quietly in the background to clean your air — all you have to do is replace the filter every six to eight months!

    The air purifier in white sitting next to a nightstand
    Reviewer photo of the filter showing how much dust it picked up

    Promising review: "I'd never heard of this brand before but love their product now. Immediately this air freshener worked as advertised. I felt the air in my room was fresh. I have many cats and was grateful for the feeling of clean air around me. The product looks to be very well made and very nice to look at. Easy to set up, easy to use. I hope for many reliable years." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $76.46 (available in black or white).

    23. A jetted bathtub cleaner to clean up your bathtub, Jacuzzi, or Whirlpool so you can go back to relaxing without worrying about dirty soap buildup, leftover oils, and black flakes.

    24. A TubShroom designed to prevent tub or sink clogs before they even happen (seriously, this is brilliant). It fits neatly inside the drain to collect excess hair as it goes down and conceal it until you're ready to clean.

    25. A vegan laundry stain remover for getting dirt, grease, blood, and other types of stains out of clothing. All you have to do is wet the stained area, rub this stick over it, then toss it in your laundry pile for your next wash — you don't even need to wash it right away!

    The vegan laundry stain remover
    Shady Creek Farm NC / Etsy

    Promising review: "I LOVE THESE. I swear these are better than the commercial stain remover pens!! For reference, immediately after buying my first one of these, I had a period *incident* that pretty heavily stained our white Tencel sheets. I treated the area immediately with warm water and this stain stick, and it got every last bit out. I’ve also removed oil and spice stains with these. I tell everyone about these stain sticks and my mom buys them now (she is also amazed), and I mailed one to my friend. These really work incredibly well — if you’re on the fence about buying, just try one." —Tori Diaz

    Get it from Shady Creek Farm NC on Etsy for $8.

    Shady Creek Farm is a Dallas, North Carolina–based small business on Etsy that makes all-natural products, from soap to lip balms, washcloths, and even cast iron handle covers.

    26. A mildew remover to get your patio furniture and other outdoor surfaces in tip-top shape after sitting outside all summer. This formula cleans away mildew and mold without any heavy scrubbing needed. Just spray down whatever you're trying to clean, let it sit, then rinse it off with a hose to finish the job.

    A stained gray patio chair beside a cleaned match, white and even after cleaning

    27. A jewelry-cleaning brush to save yourself a trip to the jeweler and clean any precious gems that have lost their luster right at home. This little brush uses polished bristles and special polymers that get into all the cracks to leave your rings and other jewelry looking fit for royalty afterward!

    before and after of cloudy ring, then the clear gem after use of brush

    28. An air duster capable of getting into every nook and cranny on your keyboard that's gathered up a ton of dust and crumbs over months, maybe even years (if you frequently take lunch at your desk, you know). Don't break a sweat trying to clean between the keys yourself; instead, just point this spray bottle at the dirty edges and watch all the little debris just disappear.

    A can of Dust Off being used to clean an Apple keyboard

    29. For those hard-to-reach places, a magnetic spot cleaner you can guide over the stains using a handle on the other side to wipe them right away. You can use it on vases, wine decanters, jars, water bottles, and more!

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