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    39 Backyard Upgrades To Kick Your Outdoor Situation Up A Notch

    Get ready for your yard to be your new favorite hangout spot.

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    1. Blast away all the caked-up mud, dirt, and dust on your deck, patio furniture, fences, rugs, and more using a good-quality pressure washer so you can rediscover what your outdoor surfaces *actually* look like.

    2. Or pick up a bleach-free outdoor cleaner that's especially effective on concrete and stone, but can be used on any part of your yard where you need to wash away layers of dust, dirt, and grime. It hooks directly to your garden hose to deliver a deep foaming clean.

    3. Address the dirt patches in your backyard caused by pet damage with a dog spot repair solution, which is made from a combo of mulch, seeds, and soil designed to help healthy grass regrow in no time.

    A reviewer's patchy lawn before using the product / A reviewer's lush lawn after using the product

    4. Set up a high-voltage insect zapper near the grill, patio, fire pit, or wherever people will be hanging out the most in your backyard. It eliminates mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and other bugs with wings that are undeniably the worst part of lounging around outside.

    5. Make sure you have some nice seating that you and your BFF can park yourselves in while catching up over a drink. You can pair this chic outdoor patio set with a nice rug, some pouf footstools, and some boho-style pillows to really cozy it up and draw the space together.

    reviewer image of the black set styled on a small patio

    6. And draw your patio furniture together visually with a durable, fast-drying outdoor area rug that can withstand storms and other wear and tear. It brings the whole look of your decor together and makes your patio feel like a cozy oasis.

    a white and green fern patterned rug underneath patio furniture

    7. String up some waterproof globe lights so your outdoor gatherings can continue long into the night. Hang them along your roofline, drape them on outdoor structures, or just string them up solo to give your backyard the most magical vibe.

    8. Or place solar-powered mason jar lights around your backyard — on tables, along fences and railings, or on stair steps — to liven up evenings and make you nostalgic for nights spent catching fireflies as a kid.

    9. Set up an area for s'mores, late-night chats, and star-gazing around a cosmic-themed fire pit, complete with moons and stars etched into the sides. Cozy ambiance, here we come.

    10. Or! Place a tabletop glass fireplace in your backyard seating area if you don't have the space for a fire pit. It's not just nice to look at — it can also be used for s'mores!

    A mini tabletop glass fireplace burning

    11. Instead of pulling out your mismatched assortment of camping chairs, invest in some classic, comfortable, weather-resistant Adirondack chairs. They're made of a plastic material that looks like real wood but is resistant to rot — a good thing since you'll want to just leave them outside parked by the fire pit.

    12. And pick up an outdoor drink stakes set if your backyard chairs don't have cup holders — they'll keep your cold drink secure when you need to get up and walk away, and the different colors will help everyone keep track of which one is theirs.

    review pic of a bottle of beer in the drink stake

    13. Or opt for a full-on collapsible beer table with a built-in bottle opener so you never have to get up to retrieve one when the conversation is flowing. It can hold two drinks and some snacks in the middle! No more accidentally knocking things over when you're a couple of beers deep.

    14. Shade is a *must*, so add some cover to your hangout spot with a lighted umbrella that'll also help illuminate the area when the sun goes down. No more squinting and shielding your eyes while you're just trying to have a conversation.

    15. Or hang a sunshade triangle to block the sun while still letting the breeze pass through. It's a little less bulky and more out of your way than an umbrella, especially if you don't have a good table for mounting.

    sunshade triangles hung over a seating area to block the sun

    16. Shield your yard from the view of your neighbor's messy backyard by placing faux ivy along a fence. It also enhances the beauty of the whole area and makes it feel a bit more natural.

    You can also line the top of a pergola with these vines for some shade, letting a bit of dappled sunlight pass through for gorgeous effect.

    17. Or set up a handsome privacy screen that's super sleek and warms up a space. Place some pretty plants in the integrated planters near the base, let vines climb up the side, or hang decorations from the slats — you can dress these up as much as you want and really make them a focal point.

    18. Place a tall table-cooler combo in the fire pit area, by the pool, or wherever people are hanging out so no one has to walk allll the way into the house for another beer. It also gives you another place to put food, drinks, and s'mores supplies on top!

    19. Hang a discreet pair of waterproof, LED-lit Bluetooth speakers around your fire pit, patio, or table so whoever's DJ-ing can control the tunes right from their phone and keep the party going all night long. And because there's two of them, you can position them on opposite sides for a ~surround sound~ effect.

    20. Secure a pair of flexible magnetic lights to your grill, and you'll be able to keep the crowd well-fed even after the sun's gone down. Nothing better than enjoying some kebabs by the light of a flickering fire.

    a grill with a pair of the lights attached to the top shining down on food cooking at night

    21. Place colorful outdoor inflatable ottomans by the pool, on your patio, or in the garden for not only chic decor, but also places to sit or rest your feet. They can withstand over 500 hours of direct sunlight without fading!

    22. Eliminate the weeds taking over your pathways, garden beds, and brickwork with a super concentrated weed and grass killer — just spray them down and walk away. They'll start wilting within hours and completely die within 1–2 weeks.

    a stone pathway where the weed killer has been tested, with a bunch of dead weeds visible where it's been sprayed compared to an area further down that still has a ton of weeds

    23. Don't have the space for a full-on garden? Scatter potted plants around to liven up your backyard with some greenery so it still feels like a peaceful oasis. Opt for plants of different heights and sizes for visual interest!

    backyard with hammock and umbrella and container plants in it

    24. And hang some of your greenery so your yard really feels like a tropical getaway. These 10-inch speckled hanging planters would really ~elevate~ the look of your backyard patio and let your precious succulents or hanging plants thrive.

    25. Make your flowerbed pop with some solar-powered light-up flowers that'll come on as the sun goes down, transforming your yard and garden into a whimsical fairyland. You can mix them in with your real flowers, or if you don't have an actual flowerbed, stick them into the ground.

    26. If you're constantly planning your next vacation, channel some of that tropical ambiance into your own backyard with a light-up palm tree, because one can never have too much funky lighting!

    27. Throw some color onto your fences and railings with a rainbow collection of flower pots. These cheery pots will give your backyard a welcoming feel, but they're just as practical for your plants, with draining holes and hooks so they're easy to water and hang.

    28. Mount an outdoor fan, because keeping the air circulating won't just keep things cool; it'll also help cut down on the bugs that linger while you're outside trying to enjoy the fresh air.

    the fan hanging from a tree

    29. Create the ultimate relaxation zone with an inflatable hot tub to give your yard some of that luxurious spa energy without shelling out thousands — or committing to have an actual giant hot tub in your backyard year-round.