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    • Jemmstones

      No scientific sampling here, but everyone I have talked to about this story has been amazed and impressed at Charles Ramsey’s actions helping the four captives escape. As I watched his interviews, I could only imagine the adrenaline that had to be pumping through him. Instead of turning away from a cry for help, he helped rescue people who had been locked away for years! He was confronted with the unbelievable (BTW, one of the other neighbors reportedly confronted Amanda Berry with, “You’re not Amanda Berry! She’s dead!”), adapted his thinking, and made sure they got help. I didn’t see a negative black stereotype, I saw a strong and adaptive black man who took heroic action, and then made some really good points in his interviews: Re the comments about sharing BBQ with the kidnapper - yeah, that’s the problem, horrible predators often pass among us looking really boring and normal. Even as 911 operators seem to be doubting the story, he pushed on, even noting, “She’s been kidnapped, she’s in a panic, she needs everything. Put yourself in her shoes, bro.” All I could think was, if either of my teenage daughters was ever in danger, I hope someone like Mr. Ramsey is around. So, yeah, there have been some stupid memes, but there is also a whole lot of respect and admiration out there for this man.

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