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Updated on 3 Sep 2020. Posted on 21 Jul 2015

21 Photos Everyone With Glasses Will Recognise All Too Well

The eternal struggle that is watching a 3D movie.

1. When someone calls you "four-eyes" like you've never heard it before.

#GrowingUpWithGlasses "you have 4 eyes"

2. When you don't quite understand why glasses = nerd.

when ppl who wear real glasses are 'nerds' but ppl who wear fake glasses are fashionable #GrowingUpWithGlasses

3. When you try to drink tea in winter.

Your glasses after drinking something hot ☕️😐 #growingupwithglasses

4. And when you open the dishwasher too soon.

#GrowingUpWithGlasses when you open up the dishwasher when it's just finished and you just

5. When you go to watch a 3D movie...

Going to watch 3D movies like #GrowingUpWithGlasses

6. ...or when you have to put on safety glasses.

#GrowingUpWithGlasses when u in science class and yall doing a lab and gotta put goggles on

7. When you go to the optometrist and your eyesight has got worse.

#GrowingUpWithGlasses Eye doctor: read the last line

8. When your leather shirt won't help you clean your glasses.

when you have to clean your glasses but your shirt isn't the right material #GrowingUpWithGlasses

9. When you try to lie on the couch.

#GrowingUpWithGlasses every time you lay down

10. When everyone wants to try on your glasses for fun.

#GrowingUpWithGlasses getting Ya glasses passed around by everybody in the classroom when they wanna see through them

11. And then tell you how bad your vision is.

#GrowingUpWithGlasses this is the most accurate thing I've ever seen

12. So you're like, "Yes, that is exactly why I am wearing glasses?"

#growingupwithglasses when people try on ur glasses & tell you how blind you are, like why tf do u think i wear them?

13. When your friends try to test your eyesight.

14. When you forget to bring your glasses to work and you have to squint all day.

when you leave your glasses at home #GrowingUpWithGlasses

15. When your hair gets stuck in the hinge.

#GrowingUpWithGlasses when you try to take them off but get cough in your hair

16. When you have the classic theme park dilemma.

#GrowingUpWithGlasses Wanting to keep your glasses on an amusement park ride so u can see but not wanting 2 lose them

17. When you need to take off your glasses to do your make-up, but then you can't see.

#GrowingUpWithGlasses trying to put on eye make up without ur glasses on

18. When you don't want to buy prescription sunglasses but also don't want to be blinded by the sun.

#GrowingUpWithGlasses I can't stress this struggle enough.😩

19. When you can't remember where you took your glasses off last night.

when you didn't listen to your mom and put your glasses in the case so you woke up like this #GrowingUpWithGlasses

20. When you feel naked without your glasses.

#GrowingUpWithGlasses when you got used to see someone with glasses then suddenly you caught him glassesless 😂

21. And when people put your glasses down like this and you feel the rage of a thousand suns.

#GrowingUpWithGlasses when my friends put my glasses down

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