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    Updated on 26 Apr 2019. Posted on 7 Jun 2016

    25 Things That Will Make Tall Girls Say "Sounds Fake, But OK"

    Beware the curse of the low showerhead.

    1. Wearing a romper without getting a wedgie.

    2. Finding jeans that fit and are the right length.

    3. Staying in a cheap hotel and actually fitting in the bed.

    4. Wearing full-length maxi skirts.

    5. Rocking high-waisted shorts that don't show off your ass cheeks to the world.


    6. Having enough leg room on public transport.

    7. Or ever being comfortable in an aeroplane seat.

    8. Blending into a crowd, especially at a club.

    Warner Bros.

    9. Taking photos with friends where you don't look like a giant.

    10. Or taking full-length photos that manage to include your head.

    11. Meeting someone new without them saying, "Wow, you're tall!"

    12. Finding shoes in your size that aren't described as "sensible".

    13. Taking a nice, relaxing bath.

    14. Buying something online that fits the way it said it would.

    15. Wearing knee-high socks successfully.

    16. Easily taking full-length mirror selfies.

    17. Being perfectly comfortable walking slowly so your short friends can keep up with you.


    18. Wearing heels to work and being able to fit your legs under the desk.

    19. Being carried lovingly by your boyfriend or girlfriend.

    Flickr: mikeyloveswomen / Via Creative Commons

    20. Wearing a jumper that covers your wrist.

    Jemima Skelley / BuzzFeed

    21. Hugging someone shorter than you without them getting a face full of boob.

    22. Or being able to hug someone without the awkward knee bend.

    23. Wearing a short dress and being able to raise your arms above shoulder height.

    24. Wearing heels without someone telling you that you're tall enough and you don't need them.

    25. And washing your hair in any shower that isn't your own.

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