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24 Retail Workers Who Have Had Better Days

After an eight-hour shift, wine definitely counts as a snack.

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1. Whoever wrote up this massive sale.

Instagram: @devintravieso / Via

2. And whoever was so done with the day that they counted wine as food.

Instagram: @knittywitty87 / Via

3. This employee who was so fucking done with the holidays.

Instagram: @tovarish19 / Via

4. Whoever had to clean this up at the end of a shift.

Instagram: @johnnypappas / Via

5. And the worker who was greeted with this and probably backed away slowly.

6. Whichever employee had to put the clothes on this mannequin.

7. Everyone who's ever worked at a discount jewellery store.

8. For more reasons than one.

9. And anyone who works with glitter, the herpes of the craft world.

10. The poor person who programmed the screens at this H&M.

Instagram: @as_d / Via

11. The genius who set up this chocolate display.

Instagram: @graemesba / Via

12. This store owner who got a 2am text message on Christmas.

13. And this worker whose boss doesn't really realise how illness works.

14. The employees who had to embrace the holiday spirit.

15. And the worker who should have just N/Aed for every shift during the sale period.

16. Whoever had to live through the events that led to this sign being put up.

17. The person who is going to have to clean this up.

Instagram: @shann_e_ / Via

18. And anyone who's ever had to clean up a changeroom.

19. The worker whose boss made them create this masterpiece, knowing it'd get knocked over in an hour.

20. The retail worker who had to process this return request.

21. The employees whose manager likes to put up encouraging signs like this.

22. The worker who just spent an hour creating this display.

23. Whoever had to deal with this immaturity.

Instagram: @keefola / Via

24. And the worker who got creative with their signage.

Instagram: @brianpatrick27426 / Via