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The World's Most Awarded Wine Costs $20 So We Tried It To See If It's Any Good

Bottle vs sack, which will win?

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Yep, this humble $20 bottle of red is the most-awarded wine, from the most-awarded winery in the world.


Last month, the World Association of Wine Writers and Journalists released its global ranking of the world’s most-awarded wineries, and Taylors in South Australia took out the top spot. And this bottle of 2015 Jaraman Shiraz has won the most awards of any wine, in international competitions over the last year.

FYI 21 of the top 100 wines come from Australia, just sayin'. πŸ’… πŸ’… πŸ’… πŸ’…

Now, we're not wine connoisseurs or anything. I have no idea what a Jaraman is, and honestly I wouldn't be able to pick a Shiraz out of a line-up. But we do know what bad wine tastes like, as we've all been known to enjoy a goon sack in our youth*.


So we decided to compare the pair, and see if we could taste a difference.


From the second we poured a glass of each, we could see the difference.

For anyone playing along at home, here is the bottled wine's description: "This Shiraz brings a little bit from both worlds with rich, foreboding fruit from McLaren working in harmony with the aromatic and textured Clare Valley fruit."


Three of the four of us could taste which one was the goon and which was the ~real wine~.


The Taylors actually tasted like real wine, while the goon kind of (predictably) tasted like vinegar that you'd use as a nice salad dressing.

Though most of us kinda secretly preferred the taste of the cheap wine. The Taylors is a very strong red and we're more white and light red wine gals.


But when we gave the two glasses to a few seasoned red drinkers in the office, they practically spat out the goon and loved the Taylors. So if you're a red wine fan, then this bottle is definitely for you. It's pretty damn good for a $20 wine.

It's also a pretty good one to take over to a friend's place if you want to impress them by having fancy wine tastes.


But if you have cheap tastes and don't mind a $10 bottle, then save your money.

You can get the Taylors from Dan Murphy's and probably any other place that has good wine.