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"Parks And Rec's" Perd Hapley Is A Recurring Newsreader In Everything

The story of this story is, that there is a story.

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Fans of Parks and Recreation of course remember Perd Hapley, Pawnee's TV journalist who loved a good scandal.

He seemed to be a huge fan of name-based puns, hosting the shows Ya Heard? With Perd!, The Final Word With Perd and of course, his movie review show, Lights, Camera, Perd.


But... hang on. Perd appeared as a newsreader on Pretty Little Liars in season 5.

ABC Family

Wait a minute! Upon closer inspection, it would seem that he's actually popping up as a newsreader EVERYWHERE. Here he is in the film Battleship.

Universal Pictures

He's appeared a few times on Scandal...


...on Dexter...


...and on The Mentalist.

He was even in the opening scene of Fast Five.

Universal Pictures / Via

FUN FACT: Turns out that the actor who plays Perd, Jay Jackson, used to be AN ACTUAL NEWSCASTER.

Yes, a real news reporter, covering REAL NEWS on REAL NEWS PROGRAMS.

(You can watch his newsreel here.)

ANOTHER FUN FACT: Jay is also a jazz singer, and he's pretty damn smooth.

Perd Hapley is a baller. Case closed.