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17 Things Every Australian Who Loves Travelling Will Understand

Living for those surprise flight sales.

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1. You know that whenever you go overseas, no matter where you are, you'll quickly find a bunch of Aussies to get drunk with.

2. It's impossible for you to walk past a travel agent without looking at the trips they have advertised, and maybe picking up a brochure.

3. So you're constantly scanning flight websites to look for deals.


4. You truly cannot understand the idea that people in other countries don't do gap years.

5. You get frustrated by all the people who think that they're "travelling the world" by going to Bali and buying a Bintang singlet.

And you hate yourself for judging them, but it's undeniable.
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And you hate yourself for judging them, but it's undeniable.

6. It is SO expensive to fly internationally from Australia.

7. So you feel like you're constantly saving for your next trip, even when you've just come back from one.


8. And let's not forget how goddamn long it takes to get anywhere from all the way down here.

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9. Which makes it impossible to have short weekend trips like those lucky Europeans get to.

10. So you have to use up nearly all of your annual leave if you want to go overseas.


11. And really, a 15-day trip is really only 13 days of holiday, because of the long-ass flights on either end.


12. Though, at least you can use that time to catch up on all the movies you missed.

13. But you also know that having a holiday here in Australia can be just as perfect.

14. You just wish it wasn't so damn expensive.


15. Honestly, it's cheaper to fly from the east coast to New Zealand than it is to Perth.

16. But whenever a long weekend is coming up, you try to plot how you can get away, even for a little bit.

17. And despite all the struggles of international travel, you get to come home to a country that looks like this.

Pure perfection.
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Pure perfection.