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24 Problems Every Energy Drink Addict Knows To Be True

I'm sorry, a vodka Red Bull is HOW MUCH?

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1. You're never ready for the day until you crack your first can.

2. And there's something so sexy about the way it sounds when you open it.

3. There will always be people who look at you like this when you're drinking an energy drink.

The CW

4. Especially if it's before midday.


5. Everyone loves to remind you how bad they are for you.

MGM / Via

Thank you so much for telling me, I had no idea.

6. If you forget to buy in bulk at the supermarket, you end up having to drop a huge amount of money on it at the convenience store.

7. Sometimes even the store clerk will lecture you on your beverage choices.

Take my $7 for a can and shut up.

8. If your parents ever catch you drinking it, you know you'll never hear the end of it.

9. When you go overseas or on a trip, you can't always find your favourite brand.


10. When you see the Red Bull promo car, you panic and try to follow it.

11. You love the taste so much that you start to crave it at night, even though you know it'll keep you awake for hours.

Marvel Studios

12. But sometimes you drink one anyway.

13. Then you lay awake all night worrying if your organs are all corroding.

14. If you prefer the sugar-free variety, it's not always available everywhere.

Dreamworks Pictures

15. Your trash can starts to look like this.

I've only been here since 5. #redbulladdict

16. You get so excited when new flavours are announced... but they're always gross.


17. Sometimes, you need more than one 500mL can to get you through the day.

Disney Pixar / Via

18. You're outraged every time you are charged $12 for a vodka & Red Bull at a club...

Paramount Pictures

19. ...but the price never stops you from drinking it.


20. "We only have Monster..." is the worst sentence you could possibly hear.


21. You've tried to quit a few times, but it never really lasts...

22. ...because after a day or two you start getting the shakes.

23. But what you and your energy drink have is special.

24. And no matter what anyone says, you'll never stop drinking it.

New Line Cinema

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