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    23 Questions New Zealand Has For Australia

    Who in their right mind would want to buy a kangaroo scrotum?

    1. Why do you keep trying to say that you invented pavlova?

    2. Why do you keep stealing all our celebrities?

    3. Why the HELL is your $2 coin SMALLER than your $1 coin?

    4. Why do your ski-fields suck so much?

    5. Why? Just WHY?

    6. Seriously, what's the deal with Vegemite and WHY do you think it's better than Marmite?

    7. What the fuck is a cassowary and why does it look so damn scary.

    8. Is this a real newspaper?

    9. Why does your accent sound like an evil version of ours?

    10. Why do you choose to live somewhere so hot that traffic cones actually melt?

    11. How did you lose a war to emus?

    12. Why is literally everything trying to kill you?

    13. Do these ads actually work?

    14. Why does your weather look like beer?

    15. How are quokkas a real thing?

    16. This is your prime minister?

    17. Why would you want this?

    18. You know birds aren't supposed to drink beer, right?

    19. And neither are snakes.

    20. Is this a real thing that actually happened?

    21. Where are your mountains?

    22. Why do your footy players wear such tight and short shorts?

    23. And why are you so rude?

    Whoops- an earlier version of this post stated that Mel Gibson was born in NZ. Don't even know where that idea came from, sorry!