WTF Is Gut Health And Why Is It So Important?

    Get ready for gut health 101.

    Gut health seems to be that one topic which everyone's discussing at the moment – while guzzling kombucha and avoiding dairy.

    So let's start with the big picture: What is gut health?

    Righto, but why is it so important?

    Those crazy cravings you get for sugar and processed food? Yeah, they're not all in your mind.

    But it's not like diagnosing a headache or a paper cut, so how do I know if I've got something wrong with my gut?

    This is kind-of overwhelming, there's so much to take in. Can you give me the tl;dr version?

    What are the no-go-zone foods I should be avoiding?

    And what should I eat a lot of?

    Can I just have sugar and processed foods in moderation, though?

    Please tell me I can still have coffee and booze.

    Should I be taking probiotics?

    There is so much info out there if you want to know more. Some doctors might be able to help you, but unfortunately it's not a topic covered in-depth at med school.

    You'd be better off finding a gut specialist, like a gastroenterologist or another professional who can help you design a gut-healing diet specific to your needs. And when reading info online, always remember that everyone is different, so cure-all answers might not work for you!