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    This Is For Everyone Who Is Still Confused About Taylor Swift And Kanye

    For the people who don't care but still kinda wanna know.

    Kanye West released a song with lyrics about Taylor Swift.

    Taylor said publicly that it was misogynistic and hinted that Kanye was trying to take credit for her accomplishments.

    Kim basically told her to suck it up, and told everyone that Taylor had pre-approved the line.

    Taylor's rep told GQ she never heard the song, but spoke with Kanye on the phone about it in January.

    Kim released footage on Snapchat of the call between Kanye and Taylor.

    Many people online called out Taylor for lying.

    She released a statement saying that she never lied, because Kanye never told her that he would call her "that bitch", and he never played her the full song.

    And people are still dragging Taylor all over the place.

    And that's what you missed on Glee.