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19 "Neighbours" Storylines That Went Way, Way Too Far

Paul's really had a bad run.

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Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us their favourite WTF storylines from Neighbours. Here are some of the best answers:


6. And then one of his sons actually turned out to be an evil triplet with abandonment issues.

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When Elle's twin, Cameron, appeared in Erinsborough, everything seemed great. But it turns out he was a THIRD sibling, who had put the real Cameron in a coma and stolen his identity. He then proceeded to try to poison Paul, plant a bomb on a plane that killed the Bishops, left Paul for dead in a mineshaft, tried to kill Elle with a car bomb, and shot Paul at his wedding.


8. Todd Landers died while rushing to stop Phoebe from aborting their baby, then his GHOST appeared in a mirror to reassure he'd always be there for her. THEN she delivered the baby the night before she was supposed to marry someone else!

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"Seriously, leave the horrible vaguely supernatural plot lines to, like, Round the Twist, OK, 1990s Neighbours?" – senorcoconut1

9. Harold disappeared on a coastal walk, leaving nothing behind but his glasses, and was presumed dead. He came back five years later, after being rescued by a fisherman. Oh, and when he came back he thought his name was Ted.


14. Dee died when her car drove off a cliff. Lol, surprise. She came back YEARS later and claimed she'd washed ashore with amnesia. LOL, bigger surprise, it turns out that was just a DOPPELGÄNGER who was trying to get Toadie's money.


16. And then Susan found out and slapped the shit out of him.

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19. And we can't forget Toadie's cursed weddings.

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After his first wedding, him and Dee drove off a cliff. His second wedding was a sham marriage to Steph. Then at his third wedding, to Sonya, a gas canister exploded, killing two guests. Poor old Toad.

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