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    19 Reasons Why New Zealand Is Way Better Than Australia

    Wine, cheese, dairy, general awesomeness. The list is endless.

    New Zealand is about a million times better than Australia. Now that our two currencies are almost at parity, NZ needs to start standing up for itself.

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    We're the superior country, and soon we'll have the superior dollar.

    So why are we better?

    1. We have more rights.

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    2. And we were the first country in the world to give women the right to vote.


    3. We have actual seasons and actual snow, not like the fake crap you have in Australia.


    (Yes, Australia does have some snow. But it is nowhere near the scale and the beauty of ours.)

    4. And our summers are actually bearable, instead of having to walk around inside a humid oven for three months.


    5. We have an actual, IRL, government-appointed, national Wizard.

    6. We're so much better at rugby.

    The All Blacks are the number one team in the world, while the Aussies are a measly sixth.

    7. We're goddamn extreme.

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    A Kiwi was the first man to commercialise bungee jumping and make it a ~thing~.

    8. We invented pavlova.

    9. We have amazing airplane safety videos.

    Air New Zealand

    Australia, have any of yours ever gone viral? lol no.

    10. Our wine is a million times better.


    11. And so is our cheese, our chocolate, our honey and our ice cream. So basically everything.

    12. We created someone who is best friends with Taylor Swift.


    13. We have amazing natural beauty.

    I'm sorry but mountains and lakes > red dust and rocks.

    14. Our coins actually make sense.

    15. Lord of the Rings. No further explanation necessary.

    New Line Cinema

    16. We have lower income tax and no payroll tax, no capital gains tax and no stamp duty.

    17. Our wildlife is adorable and won't kill you.

    18. We're one of the least corrupt nations in the world.


    (NZ is number two, one point behind Denmark. Australia is number 11.)

    19. And we would never do anything as dirty and rotten as this.

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