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19 Reasons Why New Zealand Is Way Better Than Australia

Wine, cheese, dairy, general awesomeness. The list is endless.

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New Zealand is about a million times better than Australia. Now that our two currencies are almost at parity, NZ needs to start standing up for itself.

3. We have actual seasons and actual snow, not like the fake crap you have in Australia.


(Yes, Australia does have some snow. But it is nowhere near the scale and the beauty of ours.)

11. And so is our cheese, our chocolate, our honey and our ice cream. So basically everything.

14. Our coins actually make sense.

None of this Australian BS where the $2 is SMALLER than the $1. Also we got rid of five cent coins while you guys are still using them like chumps.

19. And we would never do anything as dirty and rotten as this.

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