19 Key Takeaways From The New "Vanderpump Rules" If You Wanna Know What Happened But Didn't Watch

    Raise your glasses high, indeed.

    Vanderpump Rules is BACK, BABY! The premiere of Season 10 is finally here, and don't worry, there's still a ton of drama going on among our favorite (former) co-workers.

    Ariana crying into a napkin while Lisa sits next to her looking fed up and exhausted

    In case you missed it — or can't be bothered to sit through the whole ep to catch up on the goss — I've got you covered.

    Scheana wrapped inside a heavy duty blanket and grinning like she's unhinged

    Here are the main talking points from the show's season premiere:

    1. James and Lala hooked up a few years back, when he was with Raquel and she was with Randall.

    James looking sheepish while sitting on a couch in an office

    2. Lala and Randall are VERY MUCH not on good terms.

    Lala, Katie, and Ariana sit on a couch in the bar Tom Tom, talking while eating

    3. The LA Times exposé about Randall that came out last June was just the tip of the iceberg, according to Lala.

    A shot of Lala giving a VPR talking-head interview, with headlines on screen about her ex Randall Emmett being accused of offering acting jobs for sex and facing debt and lawsuits

    4. Katie and Tom Schwartz are officially divorced.

    5. The pair are still trying to be friends, but Katie has one rule: Don't hook up with anyone in the friend group.

    Lala and Katie walking down an LA street wearing ridiculous outfits. Lala is in a tight lycra suit with moon patterns and neon orange/pink detail. Katie is in a neon-pink fringed negligee with a brown aloha shirt on top

    6. In fact, in the season trailer, there's a quick clip of the two sharing a peck!

    Tom Schwartz and Raquel, in the sun, looks like they're on holiday or at a party, having a closed-mouth kiss

    7. James is dating a new girl called Ally, who he met a few weeks after breaking up with his ex-fiancée Raquel.

    A brunette girl (Ally) sits on a couch in a bar looking at someone

    8. Though Raquel reckons that James's new girlfriend looks exactly like his mom.

    A side by side of James and Ally, smiling and posing, with James and his mom Jacqueline. They only look alike in that they're brunettes and skinny

    9. James and Raquel had a chat about their breakup and his new girlfriend, and it was very icky to watch.

    James staring at Raquel gravely during a conversation in a back room of Sur

    10. Lala got new boobs and an ear job.

    Lala is wearing a sports bra and leggings, sitting in an office chair smiling at Katie

    11. Between seasons, Sandoval randomly spent a few months playing in a band.

    12. Peter and Raquel are low-key hooking up, but they have zero chemistry.

    13. James isn't sober anymore, after 2.5 years of no drinking.

    James stands behind a DJ booth with a microphone in a satin purple shirt

    14. Lala is still sober, though.

    A close up of Lala talking in a bar, she's wearing pink satin pyjamas with dog faces on them

    15. The Toms have invested over a million dollars in their new bar, Schwartz & Sandy's.

    An orange and teal neon sign mounted on a white brick wall, it reads Schwartz & Sandy's Lounge

    16. Katie and Schwartz are splitting custody of their two dogs.

    Katie sits on a brown couch, patting her two fluffy dogs

    17. A few months after Lala and Randall's split, Schwartz started hanging out with Randall because "he wanted to play pickle ball."

    Tom is sitting in an outdoor bar, talking to Lala and counting things off on his fingers

    18. Later this season, we will see Scheana get married.

    Scheana is standing at the altar in a white dress, with a wall of white roses behind her, looking INCREDIBLY EXCITED and holding hands with Brock who is wearing a white suit

    19. Also in the preview... James throwing a drink on Schwartz.

    Tom Schwartz and Raquel sit on a beach – he has liquid pouring down his face and she looks shocked

    What are you excited to see on VPR this season? Let me know in the comments below.

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