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Show Us The Most Perfectly Timed Photo You've Ever Taken

God bless the iPhone's quick shutter speed.

Honestly, the best thing about having cameras in our phones is the ability to take photos of every funny thing we come across.

And now that we as a society have moved on from the 2-megapixel Motorola Razr, it's even easier.

And while it's easy to capture funny things, often the funniest photos are the unexpected ones.

Or when this froggy jumped right as the photo was being taken.

And when this mouse was snapped and quickly became my actual favourite-ever photo on the internet.

Caught this rata tootie ass creepin by my bed -_-

Have you taken any perfectly timed hilarious photos? Share them with us in the comments below for your chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.