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This 2-Year-Old Really Is The Princess Of Instagram

Sorry, Kylie and Kendall.

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Pixie Curtis is an Australia toddler who is truly living the high life.

The 2-year-old's Instagram depicts her helicopter rides in Europe, her designer wardrobe, and her visits to all of Sydney's trendiest places.

Admit it. You're already lamenting your boring life.

Pixie's mum is celebrity publicist Roxy Jacenko, which could be an indicator of why she is already so damn cool.

At the very least, her mum has taught Pixie how to work the camera.

Pixie is a HUGE fan of Frozen.

Like, HUGE. This is her singing "Let It Go" in Rome. As you do.

Of course she flew over there in style.

Though she'll always take a private helicopter when the chance presents itself.

Like any other self-respecting toddler, she has her own range of hair bows and sunglasses.

Though she has her sights set on bigger things for the future.

But despite her busy schedule, she'll always fit in time to get her hair did.

She sure knows how to dance like nobody's watching.

Though no one can deny she likes to have fun, she'll always have time to help out with the chores.

And catch up on the day's gossip.

She's not afraid to be seen pigging out once in a while...

Because she always finds a way to make things classy again.

Pixie's Instagram account was actually shut down earlier this year, because it's against the social network's terms and conditions for under-13s to have an account.

Though sources say she was actually shut down for being too damn flawless.

But Pixie's back, sassier than ever, and reportedly making $200 per photo she posts.

Not too shabby for this savvy businesswoman.

Keep it up Pixie, you know how jealous we all are of you.

And oh, how we wish your sunglasses would fit us.