22 On-Screen Weddings That Are So Perfect They'd Never Happen In Real Life

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    There's nothing quite like a good wedding. Yes, some on-screen ceremonies exist just for the drama, ending in tears or betrayal.

    But there are also some weddings from TV and movies which are so beautiful and heartwarming, they plant themselves in your memory forever. Here are 16 of the absolute best.

    1. Colin and Araminta's wedding in Crazy Rich Asians.

    A bride walks down the aisle of a church holding a large bouquet of flowers, guests are holding glowing orbs on sticks

    2. Jim and Pam's wedding on The Office.

    Jim and Pam stand on the deck of a boat holding blue plastic ponchos, a raging waterfall is seen behind them

    3. Prince Akeem and Lisa in Coming To America

    Prince Akeem and Lisa

    4. Seth and Summer's wedding on The OC.

    Summer, in a white gown, stands next to Seth and Ryan, both in black suits with white boutonnieres

    5. Meredith and Derek's Post-It wedding on Grey's Anatomy.

    Hands hold a blue Post-It note which has been set in a frame - the Post-It has writing and signatures on it

    6. Jamie and Landon's wedding in A Walk to Remember.

    A bride and groom stand at the altar, she has a traditional veil covering her face and he is in a khaki suit - they're surrounded by flowers and an officiant stands between them reading from a book

    7. Bella and Edward's wedding in Breaking Dawn: Part I.

    A bride and her dad are seen from behind, walking down a wedding aisle lined with flowers and greenery, white wisteria flowers hang above them

    8. Haley and Dylan's wedding on Modern Family.

    Phil stands in a bathrobe in front of the mantlepiece covered in candles, in front of him Dylan and Haley are standing an arm's width apart, facing each other and holding hands

    9. Ariel and Eric's wedding in The Little Mermaid.

    A still from The Little Mermaid showing Ariel standing on the edge of a boat in a white dress and veil, her father King Triton is standing in front of her

    10. Juliet and Peter's wedding in Love Actually.

    Juliet and Peter, in a white dress and a suit, stand in the aisle of a church pointing and exclaiming - two men with saxophones are seen behind them

    11. Jamal and Kai's wedding on Empire.

    A close up on Jussie Smollett, he's smiling and wearing a white tux with a black bow tie

    12. Annie and Bryan's wedding in Father of the Bride

    A shot of a bride and groom standing at the altar with the church at their backs, she has a veil over her face and he's in a tux. Steve Martin, also in a tux, is standing behind them

    13. Callie and Arizona's wedding on Grey's Anatomy.

    Callie, wearing a veil, and Arizona, holding flowers, stand face to face smiling, as Bailey is seen officiating between them in the background

    14. David and Patrick's wedding on Schitt's Creek.

    Patrick and David, both in black suits, stand at the altar with the church at their backs - the congregation is standing and all dressed in black

    15. Michael and Kimberly's wedding in My Best Friend's Wedding.

    Julia Roberts stands up, wearing a lilac bridesmaid's dress, it's clear she's in some kind of tent or marquee

    16. Ian and Toula's wedding in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

    Toula, in a wedding dress, and Ian, in a black tux, stand in front of a wall of fairy lights, looking shocked

    17. Luke and Lorelai's wedding on Gilmore Girls

    Lorelai and Luke stand hand in hand in the center of a gazebo which has been decorated with flowers and string lights

    18. Ezra and Amira's wedding in You People.

    Jonah Hill and Lauren London stand at an altar, with people sitting on chairs watching them

    19. Krish and Ananya's wedding in 2 States.

    A couple sits cross legged at an altar, framed by family members also sitting, with a temple behind them and more guests sitting and watching

    20. Angel and Papi's wedding on Pose.

    A couple wearing white stands at the altar embraced in a passionate kiss, under a huge flowering arch, as a bridesmaid in pink and a groomsman in a cream suit stand beside them

    21. Jane and Rafael's wedding on Jane the Virgin.

    Jane, in a wedding dress, stands opposite Rafael, in a gray suit, while her grandmother stands between them reading from a book

    22. Jake and Rebecca's wedding on This Is Us.

    Jake and Rebecca stand outside the courthouse wearing white and cheering