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21 Times Tumblr Understood Your Coffee Addiction

Relationship status: coffee.

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1. When it makes you a much better person.

2. When you honestly DGAF if coffee is bad for you.

3. Even if you're told by a medical professional.

4. When sometimes, you just need two cups.

5. When you yawn and you're actually dying inside.

6. When you're really easy to buy presents for.

7. When you can't understand the tea-drinkers of the world.

8. When you have one too many coffees.

9. When you go to sleep dreaming of your morning cup.

10. When it's often the most important thing in your life.

11. And you can never get enough.

12. When it's pretty much all you drink, all day long.

13. When three cups a day doesn't even come close to your average.

14. And when there will definitely be problems if you can't get your fix.

15. When you ask the serious questions.

16. When you have to decide between coffee and sleep.

17. And when you spend more money on coffee each day than you'd care to admit.

18. When you feel totally indebted to whoever brought coffee into your life.

19. When you consider a change in careers just so you can spend all day around coffee.

20. Because, really, it's all that keeps you going.

21. And there's a coffee for every occasion.