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    The Kardashians Re-Created Their Season 1 Intro And It's Incredible

    Kim is still always late...

    If you've been watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians since the beginning, I'm sure you remember the show's TRULY ICONIC opening credits.

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    Even if you don't remember it, give it a watch now. I promise you won't regret it.

    After a few seasons, the credits were scrapped and eventually replaced with a much glammer (but much more boring) alternative.


    But hold up! To celebrate the show's 10-year anniversary, the famous family has re-created the opening sequence.

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    We see all the sisters (and Kris) doing their thing – Kourtney is looking milf-y by a pool, Khloé is working out, Kylie is getting pulled over in one of her ridiculous cars.

    Then they all convene in front of the same backdrop, and of course, Kim is late.

    E! / Via Facebook: kuwtk

    I'm getting déjà vu, guys.

    E! / Via Facebook: kuwtk, E!

    The KUWTK 10th Anniversary special airs this Sunday to kick off Season 14, on E!