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    23 Jokes You'll Laugh At If You've Ever Been On A Vacation

    "Nothing says ‘vacation’ like spending $72 on food and booze at the airport before even reaching your destination."


    is there anything worse than craving food u had on holiday like there’s this one specific chocolate cake i had in spain when i was 11 and i think about it atleast once a day like it genuinely pains me that i’ll never have it again


    Nothing says ‘vacation’ like spending $72 on food and booze at the airport before even reaching your destination


    "I haven't worn these since I bought them. I should definitely pack them for my 3 day vacation, just in case"


    My Airbnb profile pic vs Me ten min check in


    For me, being “chill” is getting to the airport three hours before take off so I can sit in a restaurant directly across from my gate and be anxious about missing my flight from there.


    My mom watches a special type of news program that only reports on horrible incidents happening in places I’m about to visit.


    Me waking up for work vs. me waking up to catch a flight


    We all have that one friend we travel with: “it’s not far, we can walk”


    Adam Ellis


    Please remain seated until we've reached the gate, then feel free to stand hunched over weirdly sideways for 15 minutes while we do whatever



    Imagine being on a plane and NOT eating every item presented to you as if you will never again have ready access to food in your life


    Me getting dressed: *puts on the same black yoga pants for the 8th day in a row* Me packing for vacation: I don’t have room for this third ball gown I may need to check another bag


    money doesn’t exist in the airport. these prices? mean nothing. i will pay anything for some pringle’s right now. $74? fine. less than i paid for my flight. what else am i gonna do? leave? water is one million euros? not our currency but sure who am i to fight it