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    19 Things I Learned While Traveling Around Europe

    Life's too short for bad pizza and expensive trains.

    Hi, I'm Jemima, and I spent last year backpacking around Europe.

    1. Buses are way cheaper than trains.

    2. Always do the free walking tours.

    3. Bakeries are the best bet for a cheap meal.

    4. Don't just go to the big cities.

    5. Book accommodations directly with the hostel or hotel.

    6. When in a non-English speaking country, avoid places with English menus.

    7. And always learn a couple of words in the local language.

    8. Save things on Google Maps.

    9. Google Maps is good for cities, but is best for hiking.

    10. Plan...but don't plan too much.

    11. It's a good idea to pack light.

    12. Ask locals for tips wherever you can.

    13. There is such a thing as bad food...even in Italy.

    14. Drink wine.

    15. Don't waste money on phone data.

    16. Fit in time to chill.

    17. It's easier to budget by month rather than by day.

    18. Don't forget central and eastern Europe.

    19. Avoid pricey places in the high season.

    What are your tips for backpacking around Europe? Let us know in the comments!

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