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    Here's How To Make New Friends All Over The World And Travel For Free

    Uh, yes please.

    I think we can all come to the agreement that travelling is a real vibe. 😎

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    We also can all agree that being hosted by a local really makes your trip experience memorable and amazing.


    Let's face it, locals know the best bars, restaurants, and things to do in any given city.

    But how tf are you going to find a local when you're travelling in a random city in the middle of nowhere? Well, this new company Friend Theory is here to help.

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    This sounds like an ad, but I promise it's not. I'm just really into this idea.

    You log in with your Facebook info, and it grabs your friend list. Then it shows you all your friends' friends around the world.

    Friend Theory

    The catch is that your friends and their friends all have to be signed up to Friend Theory as well. So right now my friend map is empty. But hopefully as time goes on and more people use it, I'll have potential friends all over the world.

    According to Friend Theory's founder, a millennial has, on average, 180,000 people in their friend network. Which sounds bonkers, right? But even if you've got only 100 Facebook friends, that amounts to around 27,000 friends of friends.

    When you sign up, you let everyone know what kind of things you'd be keen to do. Can you offer a spare couch, or just some time to chat over a coffee?

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    Then when you search for people in a particular city, it'll let you know what they can offer you.

    Friend Theory

    It's just a small startup from Melbourne, but I'm low-key hoping that everyone jumps on board and joins... mainly because I want potentially free accommodation all over the world, not gonna lie.

    One of the platform's founders travelled for six weeks to a bunch of different locations and didn't spend a single cent on accommodation. Which is a pretty good deal.

    Ok, let's all agree to sign up so we can all benefit from this. Plz 🙏


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