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    15 Cute Tiny Houses That You'll Definitely Dream About Staying In

    There's something just so intriguing about tiny houses...

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    1. Central Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

    A small, black cabin with a big glass wall, in a grassy clearing surrounded by trees
    @steve_jl_photography / Instagram: @steve_jl_photography / Unyoked / Via

    Plonked in a clearing in the middle of a forest two hours' drive from Melbourne, this tiny house is surrounded by amazing views of pine-covered hills and often visited by local wildlife. It's designed for people who want to disconnect from their regular lives and just get back in vibe with nature.

    2. San Salvatore Monferrato, Piedmont, Italy

    A wooden hut on stilts built next to trees on a hill overlooking farmland
    Airbnb / Via

    A treehouse set in rural Italy. What could be better than that? This cabin on stilts has a surprisingly modern interior and amazing views of the surrounding farmland and wine region.

    3. Hudson Valley, New York, USA

    The interior of a glass-walled cabin with a bed covered in pillows. Out the window is nothing but trees
    Airbnb / Via

    This tiny, glass-walled cabin in the Hudson Valley is set on 30 acres of land and has giant windows, allowing for breathtaking views of the surrounding nature. Guests often see rabbits and families of deer wandering by.

    4. Castleton, Ontario, Canada

    A tall but tiny cabin sits on a wooden deck surrounded by trees
    Airbnb / Via

    This tall yet tiny home is for people who love the idea of camping but don't want to actually rough it. It's located in the woods, and there are plenty of nearby nature trails just waiting to be explored. The cabin is only 10 square feet, but the lofted bedroom and high ceilings stop it from feeling too cramped.

    5. Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

    The interior of a small home, with a bed under the stairs decorated in warm wood and with lots of greenery
    Airbnb / Via

    Tucked away in the hinterland near Australia's famous Byron Bay, this teeny house is isolated in nature but still just 20 minutes from the beach. It's off-grid (but still has warm showers and electricity, don't worry) so it's the perfect place for a digital detox or mind-clearing getaway.

    6. Portland, Oregon, USA

    A couple sits outside a small white A-frame cottage with three chickens and a dog
    AirBnb / Via

    It looks small from the outside but this property has everything you need for a comfy stay, including a chicken coop in the backyard with fresh eggs! The house is full of natural light and is so cozy that you won't want to get out of bed. But once you do, it's just a short walk to some of Portland's best coffee and restaurants.

    7. Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    A whimsical wooden room built into the trees, accessible by swing bridge and decorated with fairy lights
    Airbnb / Via

    This breathtaking little treehouse was once named Airbnb’s number one most wish-listed property in the world — and it's easy to see why! Three furnished rooms are connected by rope bridges set in the trees, and it's just a short drive away from downtown. Magical!

    8. Sandy Valley, Nevada, USA

    A small, wooden rectangular house on wheels, with stairs leading up to a rooftop deck. The sun is setting bright red
    Airbnb / Via

    An hour outside Vegas, this wooden tiny home on wheels has a rooftop deck from which you can enjoy the wonders of the desert sky at night. It's on a dude ranch in the Mojave Desert, with horseback riding, cattle drives, and rodeo events to keep you entertained.

    9. Akaroa, Canterbury, New Zealand

    A hot tub looking out onto a bay with rolling hills in the background
    Vrbo / Via

    Overlooking the picturesque Robinsons Bay, this tiny home is set on a hill about 10 minutes' drive from the nearest town. While the house itself is cozy and welcoming, nothing can beat hanging out in the hot tub while enjoying the view.

    10. Bere Alston, England, United Kingdom

    The inside of a wooden cabin, with a small dining table and large window looking out to farmland
    Airbnb / Via

    This teensy cabin on a farm is the perfect place to lean into country life, sipping tea on the front porch and cooking up cozy meals to eat by the window. There's even a river on the property where you can swim and use a stand-up paddleboard.

    11. Trongisvágur, Suduroy, Faroe Islands

    A small green hut built into a rolling rocky and green hill
    Airbnb / Via

    This little hut looks like some kind of cute gnome house, right? Located on the remote Faroe Islands, which are halfway between Iceland and Norway, it is built into the side of the hill and can accomodate four people (who are happy living in close quarters). If you're lucky, you might glimpse the Northern Lights while you're there!

    12. Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

    A rectangular metal house in the middle of a garden, accessible by cute stone path
    Airbnb / Via

    This mini cabin sits right in the middle of an organic fruit and veggie garden, which guests can help themselves to. The small and cozy interior is still big enough for a rain shower in the bathroom and there's a front deck with great views of the surrounding mountains.

    13. Valparaíso, Valparaíso Region, Chile

    A domed wooden hut with a big glass foor
    Airbnb / Via

    With direct access to the beach just out the front door and miles of coastal trails to explore, this ecopod is one for nature lovers. It's definitely a small space, but when you can see the ocean from bed, it's all worth it.

    14. Fort Augustus, Scotland, United Kingdom

    A wooden boardwalk leading across farmland to a small blue A-frame house
    Airbnb / Via

    This former hay shed is now a refurbished modern home, with amazing views of the Scottish Highlands and the surrounding farms with hundreds of highland cows. It's just a short walk to Loch Ness and an easy base for exploring the north of the country.

    15. Dresden, Saxony, Germany

    A wooden A-frame house with a deck and seating, surrounded by leafy trees
    Airbnb / Via

    This mini, triangular house is exactly what you'd want a peaceful summer vacation to look like. There's a lofted bedroom accessible by ladder and a sun-drenched deck where you can drink coffee and read books in the garden all day.

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