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    27 Times Australian Police Had No Chill

    Dad jokes galore.

    1. When they dragged our social media dependence.

    We don't mean to alarm you but FACEBOOK IS DOWN!!! How will we know what you ate for lunch!?

    2. When they used trending gifs to spice up their PSAs.

    This is the swag of all parents without Beliebers at Suncorp tonight. Avoid the area with 40,000+ heading along as…

    3. When they felt a little punny.

    I'm 'afrayed' this seatbelt isn't good enough...

    4. When they criticised everyone who doesn't indicate.


    5. Multiple times.

    #BREAKING First look at a blinker being used in NSW.

    6. When they made a good Simpsons reference.

    7. And when they tried to make a funny tweet.

    Don't lose your cool in the heat, keep it chill like Mr Freeze. But don't be a super villain, that wouldn't be (n)i…

    8. When they used Bob Hawke as an example of what not to do.

    If your plans for #AustraliaDay look like THIS, you need an exit strategy. Don't drink and drive.

    9. And when they fangirled hard over Melissa Joan Hart.

    Welcome to South Australia @MelissaJoanHart... You're our favourite celebrity follower! Have a magical time in Adel…

    10. When they jumped on board the Spotify playlist meme.

    11. When they were really feeling Harry Styles' new song.

    Just stop your crying, it's a sign of the times, You gotta keep left right here, You gotta keep left right here.

    12. When they gave Ed Sheeran some love while also living up to stereotypes.

    I'm in love with the shape of you.

    13. And when they tried to make #pawandorder a thing.

    This police pupper will be bamboozling bad guys in no time #pawandorder

    14. When they repurposed Nickelback lyrics.

    🎶 Look at this photograph. Every time I do it makes me laugh. How do chickens seem to comprehend. The safest way to…

    15. Then dragged the hell out of them.

    Urgent police warning: Men matching this description expected to be committing musical crimes in Boondall tonight.

    16. And when they made this "Mr. Brightside" joke which I must admit is A+.

    PD Cobble. *Listens to Mr. Brightside once*

    17. When they designed ugly Christmas sweaters complete with handcuffs and car crashes.

    Speeding directly contributes to at least 35% of fatalities on SA roads each year. Keep your speed down and get hom…

    18. When they absolutely #roasted this guy.

    20. When they tried so hard to make a meme.

    Did you know it's International World Sleep Day? This one goes out to all our hard working officers who work night…

    21. When they had a good idea and just went with it.

    Our friends @TMRQld are floating the message about #WorldLifeJacketDay. Oh buoy, what a lifesaver of an idea.

    22. When they tried to be #relatable.

    23. And when they shared this report of a guy who just wanted some chicken.

    Nandos Chicken is good but lives are put at risk every time you drive through a RED TCL, there simply is no excuse!…

    24. When they successfully ensured that this meme was no longer cool.

    Facebook: nswpoliceforce

    25. When they shared this joke which seemingly had no relevance?

    Facebook: QueenslandPolice

    26. When they actually used "nek minnit" in a sentence.

    Do a burnout they said...It'll be fun they said....nek minnit - arrested for slamming into power pole. #notcool

    27. And when they reverted to the classic 2010 white font meme.

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