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35 Photos That Will Hit All Aussies Right In The Childhood

Bring back 20 cent toffees!

1. The super-sweet icing that adorned Milk Arrowroots at every birthday party.

2. And the dense, chocolatey goodness of a classic Woolies mud cake.

3. The apple, bee, and carrot that signalled you were about to have a great afternoon of TV watching.


4. This lifeless face which gave you at least one nightmare.


5. These cool dudes who you hung out with every morning before school.

Channel 10

6. This van which always made you super hopeful that you'd get to miss maths that day.

Life Education Australia

7. The pride of earning $0.02 interest on your Dollarmites account.

8. This very scientific prediction of your future.


9. The smell of a Tazo, which was somehow a mix of plastic and cheese powder.

Flickr: shaktimansethi / Via Creative Commons

10. Unless you were more of a Yowie person.

11. This ad for which you'll always remember the phone number.

12. These cough drops which you'd buy at recess and suck on all day because they were the only food allowed in class.

Australian Confectionary

13. The iconic Ocean Girl swim which you would do wherever possible.

Network Ten

14. The instantly-recognisable covers of Paul Jennings books which you bulk-borrowed from the school library.

Puffin Australia
Puffin Australia

15. These ice cream cakes, which were the best part of every Macca's party.

Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed

16. This news source which always made you feel very informed.


17. These TV set-ups which meant you we're about have a great lesson.

18. This game which was *almost* as good as backyard cricket.

19. These chocolatey delicacies which were ubiquitous at every school cake stall.

Robert Howie / Via Flickr: rmhowie

20. And these toffees which took half an hour to eat unless you wanted to crack a molar.

21. Though these were the real MVP when it came to recess treats.

Mars Australia

22. A brand-new set of Faber-Castells which you wouldn't let anyone else use because you wanted to keep them in "colour order".

Faber-Castell / Via

23. Or these which were INFINITELY cooler than normal pencils or textas...

Jasco / Via

24. ...Because textas were just used to make guns anyway.

25. These 10c treats which were always either too chewy or too hard.


26. Or these 70c thirst-quenchers which were perfect on a summer day.

27. The only activity you did with a Hills Hoist before you knew about Goon of Fortune.

28. These shoes which you sometimes got away with wearing on PE days instead of "real" runners.


29. The Jatz worms which were the only reason you ate Vegemite on crackers.

30. This Milo ratio which always happened when mum wasn't looking.

31. The collection of Paddle Pop sticks you always amassed during Lick-A-Prize.

32. This box that taught us the value of fundraising.

33. The old-school version of The Book Depository.

34. This colourful memory of what all your title pages used to look like.

35. And this show which will always make you want a GameBoy.

Channel 7

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