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193 Thoughts We Have About The "Pretty Little Liars" Season Finale

Wow. Who could have seen this coming?

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1. Of course this is the opening scene, it makes zero sense, just like seven seasons of this whole show.

2. Ah OK, this is definitely a dream.

3. I am cackling at Lucas tap-dancing around the girls and Jenna randomly riding by on a horse.

4. Why would they let someone in a psychiatric ward have a snow globe made of glass that would break so easily?

5. This is definitely a flashback to Mona in Radley, meeting Charlotte, right?

6. One year later? I’m mad. Another time jump.

7. Of COURSE Emison had twins. What is with this show’s obsession with twins?

8. Although… those babies do not look like they are related to Emily. That colouring is very light.

9. I can’t believe these girls have raised twins who look about six-to-eight months old, and have no idea who the father is.

10. Are Ali and Pam up to something shady? Or just planning a stupid secret Emison wedding that I don’t care about?

11. Pam’s acting like she’s gonna die, if anyone dies this episode, please don’t let it be POOR, INNOCENT PAM.

12. Melissa is back! This should be good.

13. Toby WALKED to Rosewood from New York?

14. And now he’s a horse whisperer.

15. Oh great, Alison’s still teaching the youth of today.

16. Lol she’s teaching them Ezra’s book. Sounds inappropriate.

17. Um… is that kid in Ali’s class named EMISON? Is that I.Marlene’s KID?!

18. This student is whining about ending a story and missing the characters. Hmmm I wonder if that'll happen with this show.

19. Ali... you can’t just threaten students.

20. Lmao imagine being so mad at your teacher that you remind her about the very traumatic time she was buried alive.

21. Oh god this high school storyline is happening all over again isn’t it.

22. Good to see Jenna is still tap tappin’ away.

23. Wait, she’s a teacher now too? WHO IS HIRING THESE GIRLS?!

24. “I may not be able to see but I can smell a bitch a mile away.” Classic creepy Jenna line.

25. Caleb sold his software to Lucas, but… wasn’t Lucas broke? Oh guess what? I don’t care anymore.

26. I am shook they ran with the “Mona went insane” storyline. I thought that was going to be a ruse and then she solves everything.

27. If Mona dies I’m gonna be so mad.

28. A lot of dark shit went down at the Lost Woods Resort, and now it’s a fun place to hang out? Radley 2.0.

29. “All I know is I need to pack for the south of France.” OK so... you are going to the south of France? Like... you know a fair bit then, Aria.

30. Surprised Ezra didn’t want to go back to South America, tbh.

31. Also this is such a low-key, chilled dinner for a Bachelor/Bachelorette party. Surely Hanna could have brought Mona along as a plus one. She was a valued member of the gang at one point.

32. OMG Melissa is watching them? Give me those crazy Nanny Carrie vibes ASAP.

33. She’s not A.D. though. As if we’d find out in the first 10 minutes.


34. Why is Spencer being so rude about Mona? She saved their ass so many fucking times, and it seems like they were on good terms at the end of last episode.

35. Only Spencer would comfort someone using stories of Greek mythology.

36. Also, playing Scrabble really is classic Spencer foreplay.

37. QAT? There’s no way that’s a word.

38. OK so I think we can all agree that Spencer has a twin, and that twin slept with Toby in his cabin. Now I’m just waiting for Toby to make a reference to that night and Spencer to be like, “what?!”

39. What is this sex scene montage music?! Did they just go on a stock audio site and search “sexy jazz vibes”? Because that’s what it sounds like to me.

40. Also, why are we watching these weird PG-rated sex scenes again when we could be getting answers?

41. I do not care about Ezria, who have been together 1000 years, having sex.

42. Also there is a lot of sheet separating Emily and Ali.

43. I know lesbian sex is confusing for a lot of people but generally skin touching happens.

44. Why is Hanna naked in bed while Caleb is standing up, fully clothed, just watching her?

45. Also, they clearly just had sex. Why didn’t they get to be included in the sexy montage?

46. Oh, because they’re actually trying for a baby, and there’s nothing sexy and romantic about that supposedly.

47. How did Aria miss Melissa creeping in the window? No wonder she was a terrible A.D. accomplice.

48. Why haven’t Spencer and Toby had sex yet though?

49. Oh. Toby is tired from all his walking. Of course. He did just walk across state lines.


51. MONA?????? Yes, come through girl.

52. I can’t stop laughing every time this CGI FaceTime appears. I mean just what.

53. Honestly I WISH Mona would be A.D. and really wrap this thing up properly. But I don’t buy it. I know your game, I.Marlene.

54. Aria is freaking out because she CAN’T HAVE KIDS? She was once locked in a coffin with a dead cop on a murder train, and seemed more calm in that situation than she does now.

55. Why did her doctor call her in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT and give this information over the phone?

56. Also girl, you’re not even 25 yet, chill out.

57. Why is Caleb so anti-Mona as well? Why aren’t they all more understanding of what happened?! Surely she did them a favour by killing Charlotte.

58. This “Spencer” visiting Mary in prison is a fake Spencer, I’m so sure of it.

59. If it’s not I will be so pissed at this insult to Olivia Benson.

60. What does she need help with? This can’t end well.

61. Ah, good old Byron aka Aria’s Dad aka A.D..

62. Do Aria’s parents know that Ezra was only with her to write a book? At least, to begin with.

63. Byron would know what it’s like to sleep with his students though, that’s probably why he doesn’t judge Ezra.


65. So good to see them together. :’)

66. They must have really saved up the parent budget for this episode.

67. I guess they saved money on the brother budget, because Mike and Jason are nowhere to be found.

68. “Sometimes I wish we were still in the basement”... this banter is DARK.

69. Wait… did the moms drink all the wine in the basement?



71. OK including Maya’s niece in some irrelevant backstory is the writers trying to satisfy fans. BUT WHAT DID MAYA KNOW?! Goddamn.

72. They’re setting up Addison as the new Alison and I am not here for it.

73. Mama Marin gives some good drunk advice. Meanwhile when I get drunk I tell my friends to breakup with their boyfriends for minor transgressions, while shoving chicken nuggets in my mouth.

74. Ezra can’t get mad at Aria for not telling him about having babies. How long did he fuck around with Nicole for, huh?

75. “I love you too but it’s not really the same is it.” DAMN EZRA, just stick that knife in a little harder. Please remember you dated this girl to write a book about her supposed dead friend. Stay in your lane.

76. He’s walking away. Something bad is definitely going to happen to him.

77. Ali… take off that pug jumper. I’m so embarrassed for you.

78. Wait… Pam and Ali were planning a proposal?

79. Thank god Pam isn’t dying.

80. Well I hate Emison but that was a pretty good proposal speech from Alison. She admitted what a cow she used to be. Step one for getting back in my good books.

81. Also, it’s nice that it’s Ali proposing to Emily, given that Emily was the one pining after her for so long.

82. Just assuming she didn’t want to do it in a pug jumper though.

83. Why does Caleb’s lounge face away from the TV?

84. “How much damage can Mona do in one night?” – FAMOUS LAST WORDS CALEB, don’t you remember how speedily she changed clothes in the passageway on the way to the bell tower?!

85. This sexy Spencer coming onto Toby in the hotel room is definitely the twin.

86. Or is it? I’m trying to look for clues but all I can see is sex!

87. Poor Toby, this is the SECOND time he’s been raped on this show.

88. I love how Twin Spencer is just out to get her own in between making people’s lives hell.

89. Mona is being very fucking shady and I’m into it.

90. Oh, wow. She can deliver a good bitch slap. How did she actually KNOCK Spencer out?!

91. Spencer’s waking up to a mirror image, it’s totally foreshadowing.



94. That reveal was actually so good. So creepy.

95. Wait, how is Mary out of jail?


97. Yep the evil laugh, there we go, TWINCER IS REAL PEOPLE.

98. Goddamn I am shooketh PLL nailed that reveal.

99. Wait how does Spencer’s twin get around so quickly, leaving the chamber and then running into Ezra randomly? I mean I know Rosewood isn’t that big, but…

100. Alsooooo how did Spencer’s twin aka Alex break Mary out of jail? That is no easy feat.

101. Lmao and Alex is BRITISH? Why is every British person evil on this show?

102. OK sorry, but this accent is the actual worst. Eliza Doolittle AF.

103. I’m also getting some real Orphan Black vibes here. Hmmmm.

104. Of course Wren banged twin Spencer. They’re all as fucked-up as each other.

105. I AM SO HAPPY seeing all these flashback confirmations. Like… we guessed it!

106. Of all the bars for Wren to walk into.

107. Wait, so Alex is trying to avenge Charlotte? By torturing Spencer, her actual twin, in the process?

108. AND Alex got Wren to SHOOT her?! How did Wren not think in that minute, “hey maybe I should tell someone about this crazy chick I’m dating…”

109. Sooooooo Wren is the father of the Emison twins? Woooooooow.

110. RIP WREN. Made into a necklace before he had a chance to really live.

111. I guess it would take someone as smart as Spencer to pull this whole thing off.

112. Which means… how is Spencer gonna get out of this one? She can’t outsmart herself.


113. I can’t think about a wedding at a time like this. Sorry Aria, but I just can’t.

114. Emily looks so so good though, just gotta say.

115. Is Emily crying because of Aria’s dress sleeves? Because, same.

116. If Wren is the father and Emily is the mother, why are those babies so fucking blond?

117. It took over a decade for Pam to say to Aria, “Call me Pam”? Christ.

118. “I think I deserve a little trust” sounds a lot like I.Marlene speaking through Mary Drake.

119. Uh... I don’t think you can sell babies. This was set in the ‘90s, despite what that nurse’s hat might think.

120. Also I feel like in the ‘90s you’d definitely know if you were having twins or not. But I guess Radley operates as though it’s set in the 1800s.

121. Imagine if Spencer actually managed to open that high tech electronic door with a BOBBY PIN.

122. Also where did that come from? Did Mary Drake even have any bobby pins in her hair?!

123. Aria needs to chill, Ezra probably just caught a glimpse of her weird puffy-ass sleeves and decided to go find a dressmaker to help out.

124. Can’t Mona tell the other girls that she knocked out Spencer, at A.D.’s request? And help them find her?

125. Ezra is way too calm about waking up in an underground lair.

126. If only his Masters degree in American Literature could help him out of this sticky situation!

127. “Sarcasm is my brain’s defence mechanism whenever I’m about to get murdered.” Sorry Ezra, but your brain has a pretty sucky defence mechanism, lmao.

128. Ezra’s so shook now, in all his years of researching for his book he really missed some scoops.

129. Why did Alex take Ezra though?! Just to fuck with the wedding? I’m so confused.

130. Having Alex sit down and explain this whole backstory, basically as a piece to camera, is very, very lazy storytelling.


132. Alex describing Charlotte and Rollins as one of the greatest love affairs of all time is so ridiculous. Lol, like we actually gave a shit about that plot.

133. “Don’t be jealous. She’s just a doll to me.” But Charlotte I thought you just wanted FAMILY, hmmm?

134. I just don’t get the storylines of Alex and Charlotte wanting family, then deciding to torture their sisters?

135. Alright well we’ve tied up the Sydney loose end, guess we’ll never hear about her again.

136. Same with Shower Harvey. What a time.

137. Lmao back at it with the Patsy Cline. There’s still SO many answers we need, but thank god we were told Pasty Cline’s record was Charlotte’s favorite.

138. Alex rn: Ah, a horse. What do I do with this?


140. Why doesn’t she just… not ride the horse? It’s not like it’s going to tell someone she neglected to exercise it and expose her as an evil twin.

141. It is completely beyond me why these girls would have ever assumed that Ezra just freaked out and left Aria at the altar as opposed to being KILLED OR KIDNAPPED after everything they have been through.

142. Is Jenna going to literally SNIFF OUT Spencer’s twin?


144. Oh my god what a fucking win for Jenna.

145. Imagine having a horse and a blind chick figure out you’re an evil twin before your best friends do, honestly.


146. It’s taken Toby TWO YEARS to figure out how shady that Spencer farewell kiss was. Classic Rosewood PD logic.

147. And he hasn’t even looked through that book the whole time. Guess he really cared about Spencer’s gift.

148. Lmao the Liars plus Caleb and Toby putting together what’s going on sounds like them reading the finale script for the first time.

149. Is Emily the first person to make the leap to Spencer’s twin? My god.

150. “Of all the crazy things…”

151. I’m shook that they just pieced together that Spencer has a twin in like 0.2 seconds, but it’s taken them years to figure out everything else.

152. I can’t believe so much of Alex the Twin’s motivation was just wanting Toby’s dick.

153. Talk about an overreaction.

154. Mona reeling off those coordinates from memory is the most Mona thing ever.

155. But… she could probably have just said the address.

156. Woah Alex’s underground bunker is giving off serious dollhouse flashbacks. I guess Charlotte taught her well.

157. Shit she's been busy. When she's not spying on them, she was building a whole new world underground in the space of a year.

158. Oh great, the Liars are here to save the day. Only bad things can come of this.

159. BUT again, why don’t they just call the fucking cops?!

160. This whole underground house and garden is made with fake plants… but inconveniently for Ezra, that was a real rock.

161. OH NO, a classic “which twin is which?” scenario!

162. They need Jenna here to sniff out the real Spencer.

163. Hang on… if twin Spencer was the one to give Toby that book, how does real Spencer know which book it was in order to answer Toby’s question?

164. Omg Toby finally figured out how to solve a crime without taking gummy bears.

165. It’s never too late.

166. POLICE?! REAL POLICE?! What a sight to see. But where’s Tanner?

167. This is honestly the first time in the entire show that a police officer has turned up at an opportune moment.

168. Rosewood PD must be doing extra officer training.

169. It’s so weird to me this whole mess started with Ali, and ended with an evil Spencer twin.

170. For SO long everything pointed back to Yellow Top night. And like, none of that was relevant.

171. I think I need to admit myself into the equivalent of Radley Sanitarium and take some hardcore drugs so I can begin to understand the writing process behind this show.

172. I don’t know why Aria appears to have overhauled her entire wedding, but that dress is much nicer.

173. Oh my god whose phone is it? Rude!


175. What a truly bad cameo.

176. I fucking loved it.

177. Guys. Guys. Emily is WEARING A SKIRT! And all the rest are WEARING PANTS?! This is the best character development this show has ever seen.

178. These girls are getting extremely emotional considering Aria is only leaving for three weeks.


179. Wow the shopfronts in the south of France are so similar to those in Rosewood! Good thing this French music is playing to remind us where we are.

180. Oh, and Mona’s wearing a beret and her boyfriend’s holding a baguette, just in case we forget.

181. Are we… are we in France? I can’t tell. This set isn’t French enough.


183. How did she get them into France?!

184. I have so many questions.

185. Oh my god she is literally sipping tea.

186. But honestly, this just proves Mona was the best character ever… she even outplayed A.D..

187. The whole thing started with Mona’s game and it’s ending with Mona’s game.

188. Oh wow OK, the full circle closing scene that literally none of us asked for.

189. Hello young Emily, I look forward to you coming to terms with your sexuality.

190. Imagine if they just ended this show on the Aria post-wedding farewell scene.

191. How nice that would have been. All the loose ends would have been tied up.

192. Lol, nope. Not when I.Marlene is around.

193. So… what do we do now?