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    OMFG This One-Eyed Cat Has A Wheelchair And It's Cuter Than You'd Think

    Just wait ’til you see him in a backwards cap.

    Hello! This is Blacky, and he's probably* the coolest cat you'll ever see in your life.

    Caters News Agency


    Poor old Blacky is what the French would call "très unlucky".

    Caters News Agency

    A while back, another (probably evil) cat scratched Blacky's eye out, in what I can only assume was a kitty turf war.

    Four years after that, one-eyed Blacky got run over by a car, but was able to pull himself home using only his front legs.

    Caters News Agency

    After being diagnosed with nerve damage and paralysis, vets told his owners that he should just be put to sleep. "Fuck that," thought Blacky. "I'll show them." And he got a badass wheelchair.

    Although he can get around all right without it.

    Blacky is turning 10 this year, and truly serves as a reminder to us all that we should never, ever give up.

    Caters News Agency

    You can follow his adventures on Facebook.

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