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17 Weirdest Google Searches About Disney

Toy Story is about erectile dysfunction?

1. Disney might be pure evil but at least it's not Illuminati.

2. Well, that escalated quickly.

3. So... Ariel's pregnant?


4. Well this is a lot to take in...

5. This one's just a huge cliffhanger.

6. Pinocchio is a bad motivational speaker?

7. People can't agree on whether Mulan is the best princess or even a princess at all.


8. Though there is a consensus that Dumbo is a sad film.

9. And Frozen is the new black?

10. Apparently Snow White is a mad gangster.

11. But Cinderella is married to one.

12. Mary Poppins is messing around with time and space.

13. It's about math?


14. Peter Pan is evil and dead and possibly an angel?

15. None of these are true?

16. Did Simba even go to school?

17. Is it?


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